Thursday, April 11, 2013

Consultant to deliver an Introduction to Archives and Records Management Training. UNHCR, Geneva. Open until 25 April 2013

Subject: Introduction to Archives and Records Management Training I am sending this from the Global Learning Centre of the United Nations High Commissionaire for Refugees (UNHCR) to invite individual consultants to submit proposal for the design and delivery of an Introduction to Archives and Records Management training. Expected date and place: June 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland. Please see below the detailed terms of reference with all the relevant information. I kindly ask you to submit your proposal by 25 April 2013. We would also appreciate if you could please let us know if you are not interested in submitting a proposal. Please also submit the Personal History Form (P11) is available at the following link: If you have any questions, please contact Ms Hilde Elisabeth Haaland at Thank you in advance and kind regards, Hilde Elisabeth Haaland Archivist Records and Archives Section Division of External Relations Tel. +41 22 739 8084 TERMS OF REFERENCE for the development and delivery of an Introduction to Archives and Records Management training 1 General information The Global Learning Centre (GLC) of the Office of the United Nations’ High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) invites suitable consultants to submit a proposal for the development and delivery of an Introduction to Archives and Records Management training. Background information The Records & Archives Section of UNHCR consists of archivists with relevant professional and educational background, and also a support team, colleagues with long work experience (2-10 years) within UNHCR the Records & Archives Section of UNHCR, however not having relevant educational background. The target group for the training is the support team. Against this background and in order to establish common professional knowledge to improve the team’s understanding of the integration of archives and records management and the key theories and practices associated with them the GLC in collaboration with Records & Archives section decided to offer an Introduction to Archives and Records Management training. 2 The project Deliverables The selected consultant will be required to - design and deliver a two-day workshop for approximately 10 participants - provide all training materials (print and if necessary deliver to the training venue) Approach and methodology The design should apply the principles of adult learning, stating clear learning objectives for the course and describe detailed tentative workshop design including interactive activities supporting the learning objectives. We expect the consultant to include pre- and post-course work in the learning design. The consultant is required to carry out needs analysis prior to the training design. Description of the course The selected consultant should prepare the training design based on the below learning objectives. Learning objectives: By the end of the course participants will be able to: - identify and apply o standards and concepts of archives and records management o the life cycle of records o tools/methods to manage records throughout their life cycle, i.e. records schedules, classification etc. o methods of appraisal and perform appraisal of UNHCR records o methods for arrangement and description of records o basic practices for preservation of records o practices on access and confidentiality of records The course outline should include, but not be limited to - an introduction to managing archives; - international archival theory and principles, - archival appraisal, arrangement and description, preservation, digital preservation, access and reference, records management drivers and concepts, business continuity, life cycle and records retention, storage and retrieval and electronic born records (i.e. authenticity, reliability…). The outline could be structured in a meaningful way for the participants to better follow the stages in the lifecycle of records and the activities associated with them. The final workshop design should be agreed with the focal point of the business owner (Records & Archives Section). Target audience: Size of the target audience: Approximately 10 participants per workshop, maximum 14 from the Records & Archives Section. The target group is the support team without archival education and training. Tentative timeline and location The course will take place in Geneva in June 2013. 3 Requirements Profile Required qualifications/profile of the provider(s): UNHCR is looking for experienced consultant(s) with a broad understanding of international organizations. Required qualifications/profile of the trainer(s): - demonstrable relevant professional experience and experience with international organizations - fluency in English and preferably in French - relevant educational background - the trainer must have minimum of 5 years of training experience in the relevant field Materials and Equipment Training materials: All training materials are to be designed and provided by the selected consultant directly to the participants and to the Global Learning Centre. Other Equipment: The technical equipment is to be provided by the consultant with the exception of laptops or equipment that training venues usually provide (i.e. projector, screen, and flipcharts). The consultant should specify any equipment needed to conduct the course. 4 Required structure of the proposal The proposals must follow the below structure and not exceed the volume limitations. 1. CV and the consultant’s qualifications (maximum 3 pages), including listing three or four of the most recent relevant references (description of the projects, contact details of the client) 2. Proposed approach and methodology (not exceeding two pages, stating clear learning objectives and describe detailed tentative workshop design including interactive activities supporting the learning objectives, proposed methodology for needs analysis, proposed pre- and post-course work) 3. Quote for the design and delivery of the two-day course The proposal should be written in English. 5 Deadline for submission of proposal Deadline for submission of proposal is 25 April 2013.

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