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Document Management Officer, FG IV. EFSA, Parma. Open until 24 October 2011

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has set up a selection procedure that aims to establish a reserve list for Agents (five-year contract renewable on the conditions set out in the Staff Regulations and in the Conditions of Employment for Other Servants) for:

Position Title
Document Management Officer
Job Category
Executive Directorate
Executive Office (EXO)
Type of Contract
Contract Agent
Function Group and Grade
Function Group IV
Parma, Italy
Starting Date
As soon as possible
Closing Date for Applications
24/10/2011 at midnight (Local time, GMT +1)

1. The Organisation
The European Food Safety Authority is the European Union body responsible for scientific advice on risks related to food and feed, animal health and welfare, plant health and nutrition, and to communicate on these matters.
We contribute to the safety of food in Europe by providing and making public transparent and independent scientific advice so that EU policies and decisions at European and individual Member States level are objective and science- based.
We are committed to the core values of scientific excellence, independence, openness, transparency and responsiveness.

2. The Executive Office Unit
The mission of the Executive Office Unit is to assist the Executive Director of EFSA in providing leadership and strategic direction to the European Food Safety Authority and in fulfilling the Executive Director’s tasks as laid down in EU legislation. It aims to strengthen EFSA’s strategic management capacity by ensuring that the EFSA Management Team is able to rely on information, tools and procedures supporting effective strategic and operational steering of the Authority.
The unit is organised into three teams: Quality Management, Strategic Planning and Monitoring, Institutional Relations.

3. Tasks and Responsibilities
The Document Management Officer is responsible for the development of the Agency’s documents and records management system, practices, procedures and tools.

The specific tasks may include:
 Management of the Authority’s Document Management policy including Document Indexing, Security Classification, Archiving and Retention, Records management, and taking into account existing models used by similar organisations;
 Translate policy into simple workflow, procedures and guidelines to help users in their daily document management;
 Ensure the adoption of professional best practices and standards;
 Identify and support the specification needs of the IT tools for the improvement of the electronic document management system;
 Measure the implementation and performance of the document management system by monitoring Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and periodically reporting on the completion of the process objectives;
 Maintains records, management policies and procedural documentation needed for an ISO 9001 certified organisation;
 Work closely with other relevant Units and Directorates within EFSA, in particular Legal and IT;
 Provide specialised guidance and reply to internal/external queries in the respective field of expertise.
The generic tasks may include:
 Contribute to the development/revision of existing policies and procedures to respond to emerging needs and changes in the respective area;
 Contribute to the work plan/programme/report of the Unit;
 Follow up on budgetary expenditures and financial operations;
 Contribute to the organisation and delivery of presentations on matters related to the respective area;
 Develop working documents and templates in view of harmonising and easing the overall workload of the Unit;
 Cooperate and provide support to all team members in general.
The Document Management Officer reports to the Head of the Executive Office Unit.

4. Eligibility criteria
A. General conditions
i. Candidates must be nationals of a Member State of the European Communities, Iceland or Norway;
ii. Candidates must have fulfilled any obligations imposed on them by laws concerning military service;
iii. Thorough knowledge of one of the official languages of the Communities and a satisfactory knowledge of another language of the Communities;
iv. Meet the character requirements for the duties involved;
v. Candidates must be entitled to his or her full rights as a citizen;
vi. Be physically fit to perform the duties linked to the post.1

B. Qualifications
i. A level of education which corresponds to completed university studies of at least three (3) years attested by a diploma in one of the following fields: Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Business Administration, Records and Information Management, Economics or related areas.
Only qualifications issued by EU Member State authorities and qualifications recognised as equivalent by the relevant EU Member State authorities will be accepted. In instances where diplomas are obtained from a non-EU Member State, EFSA may request a relevant letter of comparability from the candidate.

C. Experience
i. In addition to the above, at least one (1) year of relevant and proven professional experience gained after obtaining the diploma.
Professional experience shall be taken into account from the date on which the person fulfils the minimum qualifications or engagement.
Any given period may be counted only once (in order to be calculated as eligible, years of studies or professional experience to be taken into account shall not overlap with other period of studies of professional experience).
Professional activities pursued part-time will be calculated pro-rata on the basis of the certified percentage of full-time hours worked.

5. Selection criteria

A. Essential:
i. At least one year of proven experience in documents or records management;
ii. Proven experience in designing and implementing Electronic Management Document Systems;
iii. Professional experience and/or knowledge of taxonomies, metadata, records management standards;
iv. Experience in designing and implementing document management policies/procedures within an EU Institution, international or multinational organization;
v. Practical knowledge of the IT systems which support document management;
vi. Excellent knowledge of both written and spoken English;
vii. Analytical and critical thinking skills;

1 Before the appointment, a successful candidate shall be medically examined by an institutions’ medical officer in order that the European Food Safety Authority may be satisfied that he/she fulfils the requirement of article 28(e) of the Staff Regulations of the Officials of the European Communities.

2 Remunerated PhDs acquired in a field relevant to the job description can be counted as professional experience up to 50% of their duration.

viii. Ability to adapt to changes in demands and situations and to adjust priorities accordingly;
ix. Ability to work under pressure and in a demanding environment;
x. Ability to keep communication clear, concise and relevant and to communicate effectively, orally and in writing;
xi. Service culture orientation, demonstrating responsiveness and flexibility toward both external and internal customers.

B. Advantageous:
i. Proven experience in implementing ISO 9001 or equivalent standards for document and records management;
ii. Experience in project management.

6. Selection procedure
The selection procedure includes the following steps: Eligibility check: After registration, each application is checked against the eligibility criteria. The eligibility of candidates will be assessed only if the requirements requested in the vacancy notice are met by the closing date of the submission of applications; Evaluation of application: all the eligible applications are evaluated by the Selection Board based on the selection criteria defined in the Vacancy Notice. Interviews:
o The best-qualified applicants, who obtained the best scoring within the evaluation, are short-listed and will be invited for an interview by the Selection Board;
o The interview will mainly be held in English;
o During the selection process candidates are required to undergo a written test;
o Candidates invited to an interview will be requested to submit, on the day of the interview, a non-certified copy of their diploma(s) and evidence of their professional experience, clearly indicating the starting and finishing dates, the function(s) and the exact nature of the duties carried out; however, prior to contract signature, the successful candidate/s will be requested to provide EFSA with original or certified copies of all relevant documents proving the eligibility requirements;
o The interview will take place in Parma (Italy), where the Authority has its seat and where the place of employment is.

Establishment of a reserve list:
o The Selection Board will establish a reserve list composed of at least three (3) candidates, provided that they meet the above mentioned essential criteria and assets;
o This reserve list may be used for the recruitment of a similar post depending on the needs of the Authority, and will be valid until 31/12/2012 (the validity of the reserve list may be extended);
o Candidates should note that inclusion on a reserve list does not guarantee recruitment.
Appointment: The Executive Director will appoint the selected candidate/s.
Please note that the Selection Board’s internal proceedings are strictly confidential and that any contact with its members is strictly forbidden.

7. Appeal procedures
If a candidate considers that he/she has been adversely affected by a particular decision, he/she can lodge a complaint under Article 90(2) of the Staff Regulations of Officials of the European Communities and Conditions of employment of other servants of the European Communities, at the following address:
The Executive Director
Selection procedure Ref.: EFSA/F/4/2011/008
Largo N. Palli, 5/A
I-43121 PARMA
The complaint must be lodged within three (3) months. The time limit for initiating this type of procedure starts to run from the time the completion of the selection procedure is published on the Web-site at:

8. Conditions of employment
Depending on the budgetary situation, selected candidate/s may be offered a five-year contract in accordance with the conditions of employment of other servants of the European Communities. Before signing the contract, the selected candidates will be asked to sign a declaration of interest.
The successful candidates will be recruited in Function Group IV (FGIV). The grade within Function Group IV will be determined in accordance with the years of professional experience (please refer to Title IV, Art. 80 and 93 of the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants:
In addition to the basic salary, staff members may be entitled to various allowances, such as a household allowance, expatriation allowance (16% of basic salary), dependent child allowance and education allowance. The salary is subject to a Community tax deducted at source and staff members are exempt of national taxation.
EFSA offers a comprehensive welfare package including pension scheme, medical accident and occupational disease insurance coverage, unemployment and invalidity allowance and travel insurance. Further information regarding rights and conditions of employment can be found in the following document:
The Authority is an equal opportunities employer and takes care to avoid any form of discrimination.

9. Submission of applications
Candidates are requested to submit their application online through the Authority’s website: or download the forms from the EFSA website and send their application by registered mail to the following address:
Human Resources Unit
Ref.: EFSA/F/4/2011/008
Largo N. Palli, 5/A
I-43121 PARMA
Candidates should note that the online application is the recommended method. Moreover, the online method will allow candidates to enter into their application until the deadline in order to make changes.
Applications delivered via email will not be accepted. An application will be deemed admissible only if it includes a duly completed application form. This vacancy notice and the form are only available in English. Candidates are kindly invited to fill in their application form in English, in order to facilitate the recruitment procedure.
Information concerning the status of the selection procedure can be found at the following address:
Please note that EFSA will not return applications to candidates. The personal information EFSA requests from candidates will be processed in line with Regulation (EC) N° 45/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2000 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the Community institutions and bodies and on the free movement of such data. The purpose of processing of the personal data candidates submit is to manage applications in view of a possible pre-selection and recruitment at EFSA.
More information on personal data protection in relation to selection and recruitment can be found on the EFSA website:

10. Deadline
Applications must be sent no later than 24 October 2011 at midnight (Local time, GMT +1). For those sent by registered mail, the postmark date will serve as a proof. The Authority will disregard any applications received after that date.
Please note that, due to the extremely large number of applications we receive, when reaching the deadline for submission of applications, the system may have problems to process the large amounts of data. We therefore advise the applicants to send in their application well ahead of the deadline.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Records Management Assistant. UNFCCC, Bonn. Open until 29 September 2011

(Individual Contractor)
- Readvertisement - Candidates who applied for 11/TA17/CKMS do not need to apply again -

Knowledge Management Unit
PUBLICATION DATE: 15 September 2011
TITLE: Records Management Assistant
DURATION OF Consultancy: as soon as possible until 31 December 2011
DUTY STATION: Bonn, Germany
The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is the focus of the
political process to address Climate Change. The Convention secretariat supports the Convention and
its Kyoto Protocol by a range of activities, including substantive and organizational support to meetings of
the Parties.
Communications and Knowledge Management Services (CKMS) ensures that Knowledge
Management (KM), and Communications and Media Relations (CMR) services are in place to assist
Parties and the UNFCCC secretariat in managing and disseminating information.
Functions to be performed
Under the direct supervision of the Public Information Officer the individual contractor is
responsible for the front-end application administration of recordkeeping system and the first level user
support for recordkeeping system. She/he supports the roll-out of recordkeeping system to programme
offices and the electronic records migration from shared drives to recordkeeping system In particular,
the incumbent:
1. Supports disposition operations by liaising with records-originating offices to periodically transfer the
scheduled inactive and permanent records to the Records Center by reviewing records and ensuring
the completeness and accuracy of transfer documentation.
2. Guides programmes on the transfer procedures, carry out site visits to offices to advise transfer
preparations and ensure transfer guidelines are adhered;
3. Ensures that records are smoothly transferred from programme areas to the records center, that the
right retention schedules, security level and access control are applied to records, and that the
records are properly organized, packed and labelled;
4. Coordinates access and declassification reviews by screening records for security-classified
materials, preparing declassification review requests and updating database;
5. Conducts surveys and interviews and gather information for the development of records
management functional toolkits such as the file classification scheme, the metadata scheme and the
security and access classification scheme;
6. Collects information from programmes about their electronic records on the G drive, supports the rollout
of recordkeeping system; carries out mapping of records to be migrated from shared drives to
recordkeeping system, and advises programme which migration tool to use when migrating records;
7. Prepares a variety of written outputs such as statistics and reports on records management activities.
• Completed secondary education. Specialized training in information science, records, archives or
library management and knowledge about electronic recordkeeping system is an asset;
• At least five years of relevant experience in documents registration, modern archives management,
record keeping, library, information management or related area;
• The incumbent must be proficient in MS Office: Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint. Practical
experience in maintaining electronic records for public institutions and in an office support function
using databases is desirable;
• Fluency in written and spoken English. Working knowledge of other United Nations languages
and/or German is an asset.
To apply
Candidates whose qualifications and experience match the requirements, please use the on-line
application system available at
Please note:
We will confirm receipt of your application. However, only candidates under serious
consideration and contacted for an interview will receive notice of the final outcome of the
selection process.

Records Assistant - Integrity & Anti-Corruption Department. AFDB, Tunis. Open until 13 October 2011

Records Assistant - Integrity & Anti-Corruption Department (IACD)

Position title: Records Assistant - Integrity & Anti-Corruption Department (IACD)
Grade: GS-7
Position N°: NA
Reference: ADB/11/153
Publication date: 19/09/2011
Closing date: 13/10/2011

The Department:
The Integrity and Anti-Corruption Department (IACD) reports to the President and, as appropriate, to the Board of Directors. It has the overriding mandate to undertake unhindered investigations into allegations of corruption, fraud and misconduct or suspicions thereof. The primary target of its investigations will be activities, programs and projects financed by the Bank Group. In undertaking its investigations, IACD shall maintain the highest standards of professional proficiency and integrity. IACD will also develop preventive measures to proactively reduce the potential for misconduct, fraud or corruption within Bank Group operations.

In undertaking its investigations, the Department maintains the highest standards of professional proficiency and integrity, and is guided by ethos of confidentiality, fairness and equity. IACD is empowered to: manage and operate procedures and mechanisms for ensuring confidentiality of the complaints hotline facility; protection of whistleblowers and anonymous reporting of corruption and fraud within the Bank and in activities financed by the Bank in Regional Members Countries (RMCs); to report regularly to the Office of the President (PRST) on the status of investigations or inquiries on allegations received; to verify the implementation of recommendations arising from investigations, including the debarment and imposition of sanctions against individuals, firms and companies found to have engaged in corrupt practices.

Objectives of the position:
The Records Assistant is responsible for the management, security and chain-of-custody of evidentiary preservation of evidentiary and non-evidentiary documents received by the integrity and Anti-corruption Department. The ideal candidate will ensure compliance with policies and procedures relating to records and documents storage. This individual will determine the relevance of documents and their correct processing methodology. The Records Assistant must be able to prioritize, handle and execute multiple assignments including designing and maintaining a reliable document tracking system.

Duties and responsibilities
Reporting to the Director, IACD, and in close cooperation with the Forensic Officer, the incumbent’s duties will include:

Receive, collect, document, store, track, ship, transport, dispose, and account for evidence from various forms of media and equipment using defined evidence handling policy, practices, and procedures;
Identify evidence/records handling requirements , research, analyze, and recommend solutions for management approval;
Develop a filing, archiving and document tracking system to ensure that the work flow process and procedures are adhered to;
Ensure the highest level of quality in department evidence control, records completeness, work product management and accountability through periodic audits and quality assurance procedures;
Revise, update and maintain Standard Operating Procedures with respect to records management, evidence handling policy, practices and procedures;
Scan and manage paper and electronic documents; uploading files to appropriate data repository;
Field and respond to status inquiries exercising good judgment in safeguarding of confidential or sensitive information.
This Position Does Not Attract International Terms And Conditions
(The incumbent of the position will be considered as local staff and will therefore not have international status)

Selection Criteria
Including desirable skills, knowledge and experience

A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree or BAC+4 or Maîtrise in Business Management, Commerce, IT, Administration or related discipline, preferably supplemented with courses in office management.
A minimum of five (5) years of progressively relevant and practical experience, in an executive office and preferably gained within an international organization.
Strong planning, organizational and customer service skills, with attention to detail and a sense of prioritization and accuracy.
Ability to work independently with minimal supervision; Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work with a diverse workforce.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills in French and /or in English, with a good working-knowledge of the other language.
Strong MIS (“Management Information Systems”) and EDP (Electronic Data Processing”) skills; Competence in the use of the Bank’s standard software (SAP, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint).

To apply for this position, you need to be national of one of AfDB member countries.

Submitted by: Mohamed YOUSSOUF, Division Manager, CHRM.1
Approved by: Gemina O. ARCHER-DAVIES, Director, CHRM
Approved by: Gemina O. ARCHER-DAVIES, Director, CHRM

Only applicants who fully meet the Bank's requirements and are being considered for interview will be contacted. Applicants will only be considered if they submit an online application, and attach a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV). The AfDB President reserves the right to appoint a candidate at a lower level. The African Development Bank is an equal opportunities employer and female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply:

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Competition AD/227/11, Archival Science. 13 AD6 posts. Open until 18 October 2011

EPSO/AD/227/11 (AD 6)
1. Duties
The officials recruited will be expected to perform tasks in the field such as those described below:
— assisting and advising the Commission on all aspects of archiving policy and its relationship with more general policy
on document management,
— leading a team of archivists,
— managing projects in the fields of archivistics, document management, externalisation of archiving activities, acquisition
and publication of sources and preservation of electronic documents,
— coordinating the production and updating of filing plans, inventories and other archiving tools,
— defining description standards (metadata and more comprehensive descriptions) of digital documents, in accordance
with the standards laid down by the International Council on Archives,
— helping to ensure the authenticity and long-term preservation of documents, specifically in an electronic environment,
— helping to organise technical training for staff responsible for archive management,
— following up the processing of requests for information from within the institutions and from external researchers,
— managing relations with researchers or any other external entity requesting information,
— monitoring public procurement activities relating to information/communication and drawing up specifications and
other technical documents in the same field.
2. Qualifications
A level of education which corresponds to completed university studies of at least 3 years attested by a diploma. This
diploma must:
— include at least 1 year of training in archiving or document management, or
— be accompanied (preceded or followed) by a diploma in archivistics or document management.
3. Professional experience
At least 3 years' professional experience in archivistics or document management.
Such professional experience is relevant only if acquired after the diploma giving access to the competition was obtained.
4. Selection criteria
For the selection based on qualifications, the following criteria will be taken into consideration by the selection board:
1. Professional experience in managing teams within an archive department or in document management in a public or private organisation.
2. Professional experience in managing archive or document management projects.
3. Professional experience in developing international standards on document and archive management.
4. Professional experience in implementing international standards on document and archive management.
5. Professional experience in managing customer services and communication.
6. Professional experience in managing training courses.
7. Professional experience in the field of public procurement and invitations to tender.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Registry and Records Assistant, G-4. OSCE, Vienna. Open until 3 October 2011

Job Title Registry and Records Assistant

Organization Name Department of Management and Finance

Location Vienna,AT

Grade G4
Closing Date of application 03-10-2011
No. of Posts 1


The Department of Management and Finance (DMF) is the largest department in the OSCE Secretariat and is responsible for managing the material and financial resources of the Organization.

The Mission Support Service Section provides the working framework for OSCE’s procurement, asset, travel and facilities management. It also acts as the co-ordination point for Fund Administration Units in relation to these activities, including technical training programmes, which are governed by Financial/Administrative Instructions.

Tasks and Responsibilities

Under the direct supervision of the Chief, Records Management, the incumbent will control incoming documentation, analyze and appraise permanent records and historically valuable documents, monitor the shared drives of the Secretariat, integrate paper archives with electronic ones and act as help-desk support for the OSCE Secretariat, Institutions and field operations. He/she will perform the following duties:

Providing central registry services for the OSCE Secretariat, including correspondence distribution and follow-up; managing the OSCE Postmaster (official e-mail address);
Receiving, reviewing and proof reading as well as processing all incoming and outgoing official communications;
Classifying and assigning the established code for future retrieval and reference and determining the internal distribution based on document contents;
Entering subject matter summaries, and other relevant data of communications into the registry database;
Maintaining and updating the central filing system and the paper archives as well as archiving historical records, financial records, contracts, confidential or restricted information;
Managing the Electronic Document and Record Management System (Doc.In), uploading, transferring, and relocating electronic information to enable Secretariat staff to access documents;
Researching and retrieving documents from Doc.In, paper archives, the reference collection as well as documents from external sources;
Providing direct support regarding general administration and document management; responding to inquiries and requests; searching for information and documents as specified by staff from the Secretariat, Institutions, field operations and delegations;
Reviewing contents of files prior to final archiving or disposal and relocating files to intermediate storage in accordance with the retention and disposal policy;
Advising on file retention or transfer to the Prague Office for the Secretariat, Institutions and field operations;
Providing secure destruction of material;
Performing other duties as assigned.

Necessary Qualifications

Completed secondary education;
A minimum of three years of administrative/clerical experience, preferably in records management, registry, archives or comparable work in an international organization;
In-depth knowledge of electronic records and documents management systems;
Excellent knowledge of English (oral and written), including communication skills; knowledge of other OSCE working languages would be an asset;
Knowledge of computer applications such as word processing and spreadsheets;
Accuracy and attention to detail in the review, classification, structuring and distribution of incoming communication;
Tact and discretion in dealing with information requests from internal and external parties;
Demonstrated gender awareness and sensitivity as well as an ability to integrate a gender perspective into tasks and activities;
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with people from different national and cultural background whilst remaining impartial and objective.

Remuneration Package

Monthly remuneration, subject to social security deduction is EUR 2,844 (12 times a year). OSCE salaries are exempt from taxation in Austria. Social benefits will include possibility of participation in the Vanbreda medical insurance scheme and the OSCE Provident Fund.

How To Apply

If you wish to apply for this position, please use the OSCE's online application link found under

Please note that vacancies in the OSCE are open for competition only amongst nationals of participating States, please see

The OSCE is committed to achieving a better balance of women and men within the Organization. Female candidates are particularly encouraged to apply.

Please note that for this position the OSCE does not reimburse expenses such as travel in connection with interviews, tests, visas and relocation.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Administrative Assistant/Legal Documentalist, B2/B3. EUMETSAT, Darmstadt. Open until 26 September 2011

Darmstadt, 15 August 2011
Original: English
Administrative Assistant/Legal Documentalist
EUMETSAT is Europe’s meteorological satellite agency. Its role is to establish and operate meteorological satellites to monitor the weather and climate from space - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This information is supplied to the National Meteorological Services of the organisation's Member and Cooperating States in Europe, as well as other users worldwide.
As an intergovernmental European Organisation, EUMETSAT has 26 Member States (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.)
EUMETSAT is now inviting well qualified candidates from its Member States to apply for the following post in the Legal Affairs Division.
POST: Administrative Assistant/Legal Documentalist
LOCATION: Darmstadt, Germany

DURATION OF INITIAL CONTRACT: The initial contract will be for 4 years, with subsequent 5 year contracts being awarded thereafter, subject to individual performance and programme requirements. There is no limit to the amount of follow-up contracts a staff member can receive up to the EUMETSAT retirement age of 63 and there are certainly opportunities to establish a long career perspective at EUMETSAT.

DUTIES: The mission of the Legal Affairs Division (LAD) is to provide a comprehensive, timely and reliable legal service to the Organisation, and to monitor, develop and implement EUMETSAT’s Data Policy.
The Administrative Assistant / Legal Documentalist will be responsible for the management and publication of all EUMETSAT legal documents and for the establishment of licences with users of EUMETSAT data. He/she will provide administrative support to the Legal Affairs Division as required.

The main duties of the post will be as follows:

Legal Documentation
To publish regular amendments of EUMETSAT Basic Documents (including electronic publication); To assist in amending and publishing the HTML-based EUMETSAT Directory of Instructions; To manage the EUMETSAT Director-General’s Decisions; To maintain the intranet pages of the Legal Affairs Division; To maintain an effective monitoring system to ensure that the precise status of all EUMETSAT legal documents is known at any given point in time.

To establish licences with users of EUMETSAT data in accordance with the EUMETSAT Data Policy and to ensure timely renewal of all licences; To act as point of contact with Licensing Agents of EUMETSAT Member States; To act as point of contact with the EUMETSAT User Service Division for all licensing matters; To manage the invoicing and revenue related to the licensing activity within SAP; To draft regular licensing activity reports to Licensing Agents and EUMETSAT Delegate Bodies.

Administrative Support
To provide administrative support to the Legal Affairs Division, to deputise for the Legal Assistant and to act as backup Divisional Secretary as necessary; To maintain Divisional Working Practices related to the management of legal documents and to the licensing process; To draft documents and correspondence as necessary.

Full secondary education, preferably with some additional specialist training on documentation management; Proven administrative experience in a multi-lingual environment; Good experience in the use of MS Office applications, SAP and electronic document management systems; Additional experience in a document management or librarian field would be an advantage; Good interpersonal skills, attention to detail and a strong sense for team working are essential;

The official languages of EUMETSAT are English and French. Candidates should be fluent in English, and have a knowledge of French. Interviews will be conducted in English.
CLOSING DATE: 26 September 2011
Interviews are tentatively scheduled for week 45/2011.
Applications in English or French should be sent via our online form (attaching curriculum vitae and covering letter quoting Reference VN(11)14) at
This post is graded B2/B3 on the EUMETSAT salary scales. The minimum basic salary for this post is EURO 2,906 per month, net of internal tax which may be negotiable on the basis of skills and experience. The salary scale provides for increments on the anniversary of taking up employment, and scales are reviewed by the EUMETSAT Council with effect from 1 January each year. In addition to basic salary, EUMETSAT offers attractive benefits. Further information, including salary details, is available on the EUMETSAT web site.
EUMETSAT is committed to providing an equal opportunities work environment for men and women.
Please note that only nationals of EUMETSAT Member States may apply. The EUMETSAT Convention requires that Staff shall be recruited on the basis of their qualifications, account being taken of the international character of EUMETSAT. EUMETSAT does not operate a nationality quota system but, in recruiting Staff members, the geographical distribution will be taken into account.