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Archivist, Contract Agent FG III. CEDEFOP, Thessaloniki. Open until 25 September 2012

EXTERNAL NOTICE OF VACANCY – CEDEFOP/2012/05/CA Cedefop invites applications for the drawing up of a list of suitable candidates for the position of an ARCHIVIST Initial contract period: 5 years CONTRACT AGENT FG III The employer: Cedefop Cedefop is the European Agency to promote the development of vocational education and training (VET) in the European Union. It is a forum for policy analysis and research and is a recognised partner in the policy and scientific debates on VET. Its strategic objective is to enhance European cooperation in VET through evidence and expertise. Cedefop provides advice, research, analysis, information and stimulates European cooperation and mutual learning. It supports the development of VET and evidence-based policy-making in areas such as, for example, anticipation of skill needs, improving understanding about qualifications and skills to support mobility across borders and investing in VET. Cedefop works closely with the European Commission, governments, representatives of employers and trade unions, as well as with researchers and practitioners. It provides them with up-to-date information and analysis on developments, experience and innovation in VET, and forums for policy and research debate. Cedefop was founded in 1975 and since 1995 has been located in Thessaloniki, Greece. It has approximately 130 staff. Cedefop’s working language is English. Cedefop offers a challenging environment with flexible work organisation and individual responsibility. As a learning organisation that develops and shares knowledge, Cedefop promotes excellent opportunities for continued professional development. For more information see www.cedefop.europa.eu. The job profile The successful candidate will work in Area Communication, Information and Dissemination (CID). The main activities of Area CID are content management and dissemination (production of printed and electronic publications, website content management), library and documentation (library’s database, records management), external relations (press service) and internal communication (intranet). Archives and records management is important for Cedefop’s internal control standards and good administration. Cedefop’s records management policy establishes agency-wide rules on the management of documented information, how it is categorised, tagged and retained, and how adherence to retention and other management policies can be measured and enforced. The archivist will ensure that Cedefop’s staff members understand and apply the archives and records management policy. JOB TASKS AND RESPONSIBILITIES The archivist will report to the Head of Library and Documentation Service and will be responsible for: • Appraisal of Cedefop archives; • Supervising the management of current and intermediate archives; • Preparing historical/public archives for transfer to the Historical Archives of the European Communities; • Training staff on archives appraisal and records management practices, for example determining which documents are to be classified as records; • Conducting records inventories to ensure that existing information assets are identified, managed and leveraged across the agency; • Supervising the mail registration system, procedures and operation; • Updating archives policies and procedures; • Monitoring relevant regulations and guidelines. FORMAL REQUIREMENTS To be considered eligible, applicants must: • Be a citizen of one of the Member States of the European Union; • Have a post-secondary education attested by a diploma OR A secondary education attested by a diploma giving access to post-secondary education and appropriate professional experience of three years; • Have a thorough knowledge of one of the languages of the Communities and satisfactory knowledge of another language of the Communities; • Enjoy full rights as a citizen; • Have fulfilled any obligations imposed by the laws on military service; • Be physically fit to perform the duties relating to the post ( ). APPLICANTS WILL BE ASSESSED AGAINST THE FOLLOWING SELECTION CRITERIA Education, knowledge and professional experience • In addition to the formal requirements above at least two years of relevant full-time equivalent professional experience. Professional competences and skills • Knowledge of archives, records management and document management systems; • Experience of maintaining archive systems and in describing and monitoring archives (e.g. implementing classification plans and retention schedules), preferably those of public bodies; • Familiarity with information management technologies and software applications in the field of archives/record management; • Very good communication and organisational skills and ability to work independently; • Ability to work efficiently, effectively and under pressure; • Ability to work in a multilingual, multicultural European work environment; • Service-mindedness and ability to use initiative to solve problems and improve standards of work; • Good knowledge of Microsoft Office; • Very good spoken and written English. THE FOLLOWING CHARACTERISTICS WILL BE CONSIDERED AS ADDITIONAL ASSETS • A post-secondary degree in archives, records management, information science or a related subject; • Knowledge of specialist software, such as Open text, Livelink, etc.; • Knowledge of a third EU language; • Professional experience within an international/intercultural work environment. Selection procedure Candidates must comply with all formal requirements by the closing date for applications. Non-eligible candidates will not be considered further in the selection process. A shortlist will be established of candidates who most closely meet the selection criteria and the additional assets. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for written tests and an interview. The Selection Board’s work and deliberations are strictly confidential and any contact with the board members is strictly forbidden during the selection procedure. Please note: It is intended to hold tests and interviews in Thessaloniki, on 12 and 13 November 2012 (subject to change). A list of suitable candidates will be drawn up by Cedefop. Candidates must obtain a minimum total score of 60% in the written tests and interviews to be proposed for admission to the list of suitable candidates. The list may be used as a reserve for recruitment, should suitable vacancies arise. Applicants will be informed if they have been included in the list. Inclusion in the list does not guarantee recruitment. The list will be valid until 31/12/2013 and validity may be extended. Contractual conditions The contract is for 5 years with the possibility of renewal. The terms of employment are those described in the Staff Regulations of the European Communities and in the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Communities (cf. Articles 8 to 50a referring to temporary staff). The successful candidate will be recruited in FG III. The basic monthly salary for a contract agent FG III/8 is approximately € 2,450. The salary is subject to a salary weighting (currently 94.8%) and a Community tax deducted at source but it is exempt from national taxation. In addition, staff members may be entitled to various allowances such as household allowance, expatriation allowance, dependent child and education allowance. For any further information on the contractual and working conditions please refer to the Staff Regulations of Officials of the European Communities and the Conditions of Employment of other Servants of the European Communities, available at the following address: http://ec.europa.eu/civil_service/docs/toc100_en.pdf Recruitment will take place under the condition that corresponding budget appropriations and a vacant post are available. The place of employment is Thessaloniki where Cedefop is located. Equal opportunities Cedefop applies a policy of equal opportunities and takes care to avoid any form of discrimination. Submission of applications Applications must be submitted on-line. Applications sent by post, e-mail etc. will not be accepted. To register and apply, please go to the Job Opportunities section of Cedefop’s website (http://www.cedefop.europa.eu/EN/working-with-us/job-opportunities.aspx), click on the name of the vacancy notice and follow the instructions. Cedefop highly recommends that you read the “instructions to applicants” and the Frequently Asked Questions before you start filling in your application. In addition to filling in the application form, you must also attach a detailed curriculum vitae preferably using the European format (https://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/cvonline), copies of diploma and/or certificates and a letter of motivation of not more than two pages. Please note: The CV and letter of motivation must be provided in English. Applications that are incomplete will be rejected. The deadline for applications is 25 September 2012 at 15:00 Greek Time (CET +1). Reference number: CEDEFOP/2012/05/CA Any information provided in your application is subject to EU legislation on protection of personal data and confidentiality of information. For more information, please refer to the privacy statement in the on-line application. ********* Appeal procedures If a candidate considers that s/he has been adversely affected by a particular decision, s/he can lodge a complaint under Article 90(2) of the Staff Regulations of Officials of the European Communities and Conditions of employment of other servants of the European Communities, at the following address: The Director CEDEFOP P.O. Box 22427 GR-55102 Finikas (Thessaloniki) Greece Any complaint must be lodged within 3 months after the candidate has been informed of the decision adversely affecting her/him. Candidates also have the possibility to complain to the European Ombudsman. Please note that complaints made to the Ombudsman have no suspensive effect on the time-period laid down in Article 91 of the Staff Regulations.

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