Monday, January 28, 2019

Information and Knowledge Management Specialist. IOC, Lausanne. Open until 30 January 2019

Department: Technology and Information
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
Contract Type: Temporary
Activity Level: 100%
Entry Date: 01.03.2019
Duration: 9 Months
Deadline: 30.01.2019


The Information and Knowledge Management Specialist contributes to making available, and to the integrity and promotion of information and knowledge. He/She contributes to activities and  information and knowledge management projects and coordinates and/or leads them. He/She ensures the optimal integration of information and knowledge management practices into existing procedures.

Main responsibilities
  • Develops records management expertise within the organisation, and ensures this is shared with colleagues and adhered to. Manages the activities and services that depend on it.
  • Manages or contributes to the various projects involving the Unit.
  • Contributes to the managing and analysing requests, developing management methods and tools, and adopting and implementing solutions.
  • Conducts regular analyses in order to propose improvements and solutions.
  • Manages the organisation’s information, legal and financial documents, incoming and outgoing information, reference documents and all administrative archives.
  • Is the contact person for internal clients (departments, programmes, etc.) related to information and knowledge management services; identifies possibilities for improvement and risks; offers solutions.
  • Provides optimal support and a first-rate service for both internal and external requests; responds to requests and assists users. 
  • Contributes to setting up a transparent information and knowledge management process at the IOC. 
  • Contributes to adopting best practices in terms of information and knowledge management.
  • Contributes to the optimisation and development of information and content management in accordance with the strategies in place and the needs of the institution.
  • Contributes to managing the key elements of information management, such as information mapping, classification, etc.
  • Contributes to information good governance (policies, procedures, guidelines, norms, etc.).

Training, language and IT skills
  • Training in information and knowledge management (university qualification, HES or equivalent).
  • Significant and relevant experience in the field of information and knowledge management (5 years).
  • Proven experience in project management. 
  • Proven experience in content management tools such as SharePoint and records management solutions.
  • Knowledge of other platforms – portals and extranets – would be an asset. 
  • Good knowledge of new trends, whether in the field of technology or services, linked to a real ability to adapt. 
  • Excellent written and oral French and English.

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