Friday, November 7, 2014

Information and Content Manager, AD6. EMA, London. Open until 28 November 2014

EMA/AD/366: Information and Content Manager, Product Database Management, Business Data and Support Department, Procedure Management and Business Support Division (AD6)

The Procedure Management and Business Support Department is seeking to recruit an Information and Content Management (ECM) Administrator to support the Agency ECM programme and to facilitate stronger information management and sharing as well as smarter business processes. The department collaborates with staff in all other Agency departments including the IT department to deliver solutions for the management of data and documents in electronic formats with an Agency focus.

The successful candidate will assist in the design, implementation, and support of solutions for managing electronic documents using our existing Electronic Content Management System, EMC Documentum. As business owners of document and records management strategies and solutions for the Agency, staff in the Department support change management and business process improvement initiatives throughout all Agency divisions for successful implementation of the new systems and associated processes and policies.

This position would suit someone who has worked in a similar role articulating business requirements for technical solutions, development and delivery of training on systems and related processes, supporting content management solutions (such as: Documentum, FileNet, OpenText, SharePoint 2010) and embracing a collaborative approach for the implementation of solutions for managing electronic documents and their supporting workflows.

The Business Data and Support Department

The Business Data and Support Department provides a data management service to support the business services of the Agency. It manages product databases, the records management system, data entry, data quality, data security and data analysis to ensure best use of data as part of a wider Agency strategy on information and knowledge management. One of the Agency’s key objectives is to improve the way in which it manages and shares its own knowledge base in a safe and secure way. The Department provides services that not only generate but also maintain quality and transparent information assets. This is done together with tools and analytics that enable sound and consistent decision making within the overall aim of transforming data into knowledge that supports excellence across the Agency and our stakeholder network. Data management is a critical new activity in the EMA/AD/366: Information and Content Manager, Product Database Management, Business Data and Support Department, Procedure Management and Business Support Division (AD6) Page 2/13

Agency. The data we collect and analyse are an important Agency asset. They are being used to make management decisions, many of which have substantial health, safety and economic consequences.

The Agency

The European Medicines Agency is a decentralised body of the European Union with all its offices and headquarters in London. Its core responsibility is the protection and promotion of public health through the evaluation and supervision of medicines.

Candidates on the valid reserve list may also be considered for a different post within the same grade if the job specification and the nature of the role are similar.

This announcement is governed by the General terms and conditions for selection procedures for Temporary Agents.

Specific objectives of the jobholder:

Under the supervision of the Head of Service in Product Database Management Service (B-BD-DBM), the successful candidate is expected to carry out the following tasks:

 Lead on-going work process improvement projects in alignment with the Agency's ECM system requirements, including documenting current business processes; designing enhancements; and developing document-centric automated work flows;

 Deliver document centric process improvements;

 Map the end-user requirements and programme strategy to the implementation of content management solutions to align with the Agency’s information architecture, records compliance policies, and legal requirements;

 Facilitate change management by working with staff throughout the Agency in managing communication and support plans;

 Evaluate software, vendor credentials and performance, and related contract management;

 Conduct user research to create and deliver system design recommendations;

 Provide ongoing end user training to support electronic document management throughout the organisation;

 Develop and maintain strong client relationships at all levels – executive, management and staff within the Agency and with its partners;

 Develop migration strategies to ensure integrity of information and related metadata over the required lifetime as systems are upgraded or replaced.

Elements that will be taken into account in determining candidates to be invited for test/interview:

Knowledge and experience of content management solutions;

EMA/AD/366: Information and Content Manager, Product Database Management, Business Data and Support Department, Procedure Management and Business Support Division (AD6) Page 3/13


 Experience with document centric workflow technologies including their development, implementation, and maintenance;

 Experience in implementing document management processes best practices and their associated technical requirements for the storage, management and distribution;

 Experience in leading process efficiency efforts across multiple departments using process improvement methodologies;

 Experience in working for an international organisation and/or in a multi-cultural environment.

Elements that will be part of the oral assessment:

Ability to analyse problems and react quickly in problematic situations with a minimum supervision;

 High-level understanding of the business processes and the stakeholders involved;

 Excellent organisational skills;

 Project-oriented, customer-focused and responsive attitude with excellent communication skills;

 Experience in working in projects.

Essential requirements for admission to the selection procedure:

1. A university degree (minimum of 3 year’s study) relevant to the field of the above job profile;

2. At least three years’ professional experience after obtaining the relevant degree, that must have been obtained by the closing date, relating to the fields covered by the above job profile;

3. A good command of English and a thorough knowledge of another official language of the European Union to the extent necessary for the performance of duties. (For any promotion in the future, knowledge of a third EU language would be required).

For the essential requirement 1 it will be necessary to provide proof at the interview stage.

Deadline for submission of application forms is 28 November 2014 at midnight.

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