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Records/Archives Associate. World Bank, Boyers (PA). Open until 26 August 2013

Background/General Description: World Bank Group Context Innovation and partnership bond the five institutions of the World Bank Group (WBG): the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA), which together form the World Bank; the International Finance Corporation (IFC); the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA); and the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID). The World Bank Group is one of the world’s largest sources of funding and knowledge for developing countries. It uses financial resources and extensive experience to help our client countries to reduce poverty, increase economic growth, and improve quality of life. To ensure that countries can access the best global expertise and help generate cutting-edge knowledge, the World Bank Group is constantly seeking to improve the way it works. Key priorities include delivering measurable results, promoting openness and transparency in development, and improving access to development information and data. Vice Presidency Context The Information Management Technology (ITS) Vice Presidency is the World Bank’s central function for the provision of information and technology services to the Bank’s business units. The overarching objective of this function is to ensure that end-users have the information and systems to do their jobs at all locations where Bank business is being done. The management of most of the end-user IT services, business solutions and the underlying technology infrastructure is centralized with ITS. ITS is structured in a federated operating model with separate dedicated application development and management departments for each of the three Bank business lines: Operations and Knowledge, Finance Complex, and Corporate Functions which also supports MIGA and ICSID. Each of business line application departments is lead by a CIO who works closely with a business line governance group to align the systems investment portfolio with the business priorities. Shared services of underlying infrastructure and applications platforms are provided by the Enterprise Architecture unit and the Technology Engineering and Infrastructure department. ITS also provides shared services to IFC. The World Bank has adopted a three-year ITS Strategy that is centered on seizing value opportunities; creating agile delivery capacity; promoting standards; managing risks; and transforming the ITS Organization. Front office functions including strategy and outreach, innovation, budget, program management, information security, and risk management provide the enabling authorizing environment and control processes to help the ITS service and project managers meet the goals of the ITS strategy efficiently and effectively. Unit Context ITSKI, the knowledge and information services unit in the Information Management & Technology Network, is part of the Operations & Knowledge Department. The unit provides knowledge and information services such as Archives, Records Management, Library and Access to Information services to the Bank Group and the public. The unit’s work program is structured in three pillars: History Matters, Open Information, and Next Generation’s Library. This position is in the Open Information pillar. The unit reports to the ITSKI Manager and Chief Archivist, to the Operations & Knowledge Director and to the Vice President and Chief Information Officer, ITS. The ITSKI Open Information pillar supports implementation and compliance of 3 policies related to information management: Management of Records (AMS 10.11), Security Classification (AMS 6.21A) and Access to Information (AMS 1.10). The pillar promotes international standards for Records Management practices within the Bank Group and, in close collaboration with the archives/records center group in the History Matters pillar, assists Bank Group staff in their practical needs to implement records management in the daily work. The pillar also interfaces with IT to ensure the IT infrastructure of major curated collections and record repositories works properly and to provide system requirements related to archives and records management needs. Note: If the selected candidate is a current Bank Group staff member with a Regular or Open-Ended appointment, s/he will retain his/her Regular or Open-Ended appointment. All others will be offered a 2 year term appointment. Note: A potential candidate has been identified and intends to apply for this position. However, this remains a competitive process and interested candidates are encouraged to apply. Note :: Work location will in Boyers, PA Duties and Accountabilities: General Duties and Accountabilities: The Records / Archives Associate is part of a vital and reliable team responsible for the management and implementation of the services and programs of the World Bank Group Archives’ Records Center in Pennsylvania. Specific Duties include: 1. Process client requests for records in the care of the World Bank Group Archives. This work includes: receiving requests via eServices; communicating with the client frequently during the request process to ensure the exact material required by the client is identified and sent; acting as the primary and back-up staff member responsible for receiving reference desk requests on a rotating basis; completing research by searching in the Archives’ business system, MARS, and liaising with other staff in Archives for difficult requests; entering requests for records into MARS and updating metadata as required; retrieve boxes and files from the Records Center; scanning records for clients if needed; preparing daily delivery receipt; updating requests in Remedy; and preparing shipment of requested materials. Please note that this work also includes climbing ladders of approximately 6 feet high and lifting boxes weighing up to 35 lbs. 2. Perform daily work routine in Records Center operation. This includes, but is not limited to: using the Records Center Alarm System; receiving daily truck shipment from WBG Headquarters; sorting, processing and refiling returned records; updating the Archives’ business system, MARS; communicating with Archives’ headquarters staff on shipments; physical unloading of records onto carts or pallets and delivery to specific locations within the Records Center. 3. Assist with management of contract workers. WBG Records Centers performs a task of data entry and scanning, which is largely performed by contractors. Candidate will assist and monitor contract staff in daily work, provide quality control of contractor work and perform data entry if necessary using the World Bank Group Archives’ Data Entry and Quality Control Manuals. 4. Assist with other non-routine duties including, but not limited to: assisting in records destruction process; providing reports to management; assisting in Back up tape program (includes reception, rotation and requested); and others. Selection criteria: 1. Bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement with 3 years of relevant experience in archives and records management or Associates Degree with a minimum of 5 years relevant experience. 2. Demonstrated ability to multi-task and perform routine tasks with consistent accuracy, attention to detail and reliability, such as ability to accurately perform data entry using defined instructions and perform quality control on data entry. 3. Must be client-oriented, courteous and efficient when communicating with clients, and driven to problem-solve creatively to satisfy the needs of clients. 4. Must be a team player willing to: communicate with others openly; seek advice and assistance; and participate with drive and initiative. 5. Familiarity with the Bank Group’s archival holdings and proficiency with the Archives’ business system, MARS, is desired. 6. Proficiency with business technology tools, including e-mail, MS Office, and scanning equipment is required. 7. Must be able to safely climb ladders of 6 feet and lift 35 lbs. Competencies: 1. Project Management - Understands the basic concepts of project management, as they relate to the execution of tasks within a project 2. Business Enterprise Knowledge - Keeps informed on business operations data. 3. Service Provider Assessment and Evaluation - Gathers and records data on specified vendors' services and products against defined requirements. 4. Business Process Knowledge - Defines routine, integrated processes. 5. Vendor and Alliance Management - Follows procedures for working with vendor and/or alliance partners and resolves day-to-day problems within defined guidelines. 6. Records and Archives Management Systems and Software - Knows "the value-add" of technology to clients. 7. Information and Records Organization - Demonstrates ability to physically file, retrieve, deliver, and re-file records, responding to user requests with little or no guidance. 8. Information and Records Dissemination - Responds to basic reference requests. 9. Information and Records Knowledge - Under supervision, implements retention schedule and determines any restrictions to application of the schedule. 10. Electronic Service - Applies strong working knowledge of systems to ensure that data and metadata is correctly applied. 11. Compliance with Standards - Monitors and maintains records on requests for information and assistance. 12. Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity - Working knowledge of the organization of the Bank and the systems and software that support records and archive management. 13. Future Needs - Identify trends in client needs that may exceed capability or capacity of existing systems, software and sources to fill. 14. Client Orientation - Able to establish partnership based working relationships with internal/external clients. Demonstrates independence, initiative, and autonomy in addressing clients' needs. 15. Drive for Results - Takes personal ownership and accountability to meet deadlines and achieve agreed-upon results, and has the personal organization to do so. 16. Teamwork (Collaboration) and Inclusion - Collaborates with other team members and contributes productively to the team's work and output, demonstrating respect for different points of view. 17. Knowledge, Learning and Communication - Able to research and draft quality written materials or review adherence of written materials prepared by others to administrative requirements. Able to mentor and guide, and organize learning activities within area of assigned responsibilities. 18. Business Judgment and Analytical Decision Making - Able to use analytical, problem-solving skills and resourcefulness to make informed and practical decisions to carry out own work. Able to advice on information usage and storage, and policies in the area of assigned responsibilities.

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