Tuesday, April 20, 2021

International Consultant, EDRMS project. ADB, Manila. Extended until 27 April 2021

 This is a consultant position at the Asian Development Bank. In order to be considered for the position, applicants need to register in the Consultant Management System of ADB and submit their expression of interest for the vacancy.

Here’s the link to the page for the complete information about becoming an individual consultant for ADB: https://www.adb.org/business/how-to/how-can-i-become-adb-consultant

Here’s the link to the registration page: https://selfservice.adb.org/OA_HTML/adb/adbpos/jsp/ADBCMSHomepage.jsp

 To see the different consultancy advertisements: https://selfservice.adb.org/OA_HTML/OA.jsp?OAFunc=XXCRS_CSRN_HOME_PAGE

 For questions about the system, they may email: cmshelp@adb.org

For questions about the position: gcastanermarquardt@adb.org 

The details of the position are the following: Selection 168416: SC 116584 PHI: Electronic Records Management System and related Policies and Procedures. Position for 1 year (that can be extended to 2 years)

 Objective and Purpose of the Assignment

The Information Resources and Services Unit (OAIS-IR) within the Institutional Services Division of 
Office of Administrative Services (OAS) provides information resources and services to ADB staff and 
consultants. Our most important project for 2021 is the design and implementation of an EDRMS 
(Electronic Document and Records Management System) under ADB Digital Agenda 2030. EDRMS will have 
significant impact on overall business of the whole Bank as it aims at bolstering the records management 
functions of SharePoint and establishing a content management platform, including capturing, retention, 
research/retrieval, disposal, and archiving electronic records. 

The main objective of this engagement is to support the EDRMS project and introduce international good 
practice for updating ADB policies and procedures in connection with the project
Scope of Work
The Consultant will be home-based or headquarters-based as needed and his/her main responsibility will 
be assisting in the successful development and implementation of the EDRMS project. Work from home (WFH) 
outside duty station could apply until the lifting of the ongoing Community Quarantine in the 
Philippines due to COVID-19. 

Coordination with departments to provide support and guidance on records retention and access. Work 
closely with ITD to develop the system requirements for EDRMS.  

Updating ADB’s policies and procedures for archives and records management is also a fundamental 
deliverable of the assignment.

Training the staff of the Records and Archives Team to keep them abreast with the latest international 
good practice on records management and specially on EDRMS implementation is the third dimension of the 
assignment, so as to ensure adequate hand-over of the concerned role and functions to national staff at 
the end of engagement period. 
Detailed Tasks and/or Expected Output
Specifically, the Consultant shall undertake the following:
•	Help develop the ADB electronic filing system for the efficient and effective storage and retrieval of 
records, including departmental file plans in line with the new corporate-level File Plan. 
•	Contribute as a key team member to the design and implementation of EDRMS, including development of 
retention rules, metadata, and workflows.
•	Assist in the supervision of the records management component of the ADB-wide electronic documents 
repository system and make recommendations for improvements as necessary.
•	Provide input and advice on the implementation of an ADB-wide taxonomic structure to ensure filing 
consistency across all departments.
•	Help review and update records management policy and procedures in light of most recent international 
good practice. 
•	Develop and implement an electronic records management training/workshop program for HQ and field 
offices staff.
•	Provide preliminary analysis and supports special studies on various work improvement projects 
initiated by the Unit, particularly in the areas of records and archives management, including 
outsourcing of services.
•	Support the leadership and oversight of ADB's electronic document filing systems.
•	Provide technical support to the Resident Missions on the efficient management of project records 
electronically, including e-file transmissions of delegated project documents.
•	Make recommendations for upgrading the storage and retrieval mechanisms currently used by the Unit, 
with a view toward the disposal of records that have microfilm or electronic facsimiles.
•	Provide input and advice on streamlining and formalizing workflow related to the transfer of paper-
based records from departments to the records center.
•	Coordinate and serve as a resource speaker at Records Management Seminars for ADB staff.
•	Provide records management guidance and technical support to ADB's Departmental Files, assisting 
Departmental File Custodians in all aspects of the work (i.e. records processing, file station 
maintenance, and other duties).
•	Perform other duties that may be assigned by the Unit Head, OAIS-IR or Director, OAIS relevant to ADB’
s records and archives management system, and to the EDRMS project in particular.
Minimum Qualification Requirements
•	Master’s degree in records/archives administration, library science, or other information management 
discipline; preferably with advanced training in archives and records management.
•	At least 5 years experience in records management and archives, including 3 years on 
electronic/digital records management.
•	Thorough knowledge of archival operations and preservation techniques.
•	Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of international best practices on records management 
policies and procedures. 
•	Practical experience drafting policies and procedures in the fields of information management, 
archives and records management.
•	Comprehensive knowledge of Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS). Experience 
implementing one at corporate level is an advantage.
•	Advanced SharePoint knowledge, focused specially on records management features.
•	Effective report-writing and communication skills in English.
•	Able to work collaboratively with teams as a constructive team member.
•	Strong oral and written communications skills.
Minimum General Experience
Minimum Specific Experience (relevant to assignment)

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