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Principal Documents and Records Management Officer. ADB, Abidjan. Open until 9 March 2018

  • Position title: Principal Documents and Records Management Officer
  • Grade: PL4
  • Position N°: 50001400
  • Reference: ADB/18/022
  • Publication date: 26/02/2018
  • Closing date: 09/03/2018
  • Country: Côte d’Ivoire

  • Objectives

    Established in 1964, the African Development Bank is the premier pan-African development institution, promoting economic growth and social progress across the continent. There are 80 member states, including 54 in Africa (Regional Member Countries).  The Bank’s development agenda is delivering the financial and technical support for transformative projects that will significantly reduce poverty through inclusive and sustainable economic growth. In order to sharply focus the objectives of the Ten Year Strategy (2013 – 2022) and ensure greater developmental impact, five major areas, all of which will accelerate our delivery for Africa, have been identified for scaling up, namely; energy, agro-business, industrialization, integration and improving the quality of life for the people of Africa. The Bank is seeking to build a management team that will lead the successful implementation of this vision.


    The President plans, supervises and manages the business of the Bank Group. Under the direction of the Boards of Directors, the President conducts the business of the Bank and the African Development Fund and manages operations and activities in accordance with the Agreements establishing the African Development Bank and the African Development Fund. The President supervises several Departments and Divisions including Office of the President; Independent Development Evaluation Department; Integrity and Anti-Corruption Department; Compliance Review and Mediation Department; Secretariat to the Sanctions Appeals Board; Administrative Tribunal; Office of the Auditor General; Group Risk Management Function Directorate; General Counsel and Legal Services Department; Communication and External Relations Department; Ethics Office and Office of the Secretary General & General Secretariat.


    The role of the Banks' Office of the Secretary General and the General Secretariat is to facilitate the delivery of the objectives of the Bank's Ten Year Strategy, High 5s, and Development and Business Delivery Model by enhancing the decision-making process of the governance organs and forging better working relationships with the shareholders and host countries of the Bank. The Secretary General and the General Secretariat comprises: (i) the Office of the Secretary General which has the additional responsibility of managing the Records Management and Archives Section and the Corporate Governance Policy and Shareholder Relations Section; (ii) a Board Affairs and Proceedings Division; (iii) a Protocol, Privileges and Immunities Division; and (iv) a Conferences and Meetings Division.


    Within the General Secretariat, the role of the Principal Documents and Records Management Officer is to:
    -  Safeguard the Bank's institutional memory and to ensure the management of all archives, including documents of historical value and vital documents of the Bank Group.
    -  Contribute to the development and implementation of the document management policy, and the collection, conservation, processing, communication and enhancement of the archives.
    -  Establish and maintain in a centralised structure a classification system encompassing all types of Bank documents in a central location accessible to Bank officials and other users; and
    -  Ensure the coordination of archive processing throughout the Institution.

    Duties and responsibilities

    The Principal Document and Records Management Officer is responsible for implementing the document management policy, and the collection, conservation, processing, communication and enhancement of the archives.
    He /She will be in charge of the following main activities:

    1.  Archival processing: safeguarding, filing, archival description, sorting, destruction, establishing inventory and the archive directory;
    ·  Develop, review and implement archiving policies and procedures in accordance with international standards for records and records management, ISO-15489 and ISAD (G).
    ·  Develop and implement classification plans and timelines for the conservation of Bank documents, in collaboration with other Bank units;
    ·  Developing identification tools such as compendia of the Bank's key documents (resolutions of the Boards of Governors and Boards of Directors, documents on the replenishment of the African Development Fund and the Bank's overall capital increase).
    ·  Implement an electronic document management system of the Bank according to its life cycle: active documents, reports, historical archives and key documents;
    ·  Analyse and index documentary resources including archives to be conserved
    ·  Ensure quality assurance of documents integrated in the DARMS system for easy access
    ·  Develop new management systems for semi-active and inactive documents that computerise operations performed at the pre-archiving centre.
    ·  Analyse and evaluate the archives according to their administrative, legal, historical and even vital values for the institution 
    ·  Coordinate the filing, indexing, digitisation and disposal of obsolete records with expired conservation periods
    ·  Determine collection procedures by ensuring that all semi-active and inactive documents are either transferred to the pre-archiving centre or eliminated 
    ·  Design, develop and update management tools 
    ·  Identify criteria for sorting and disposing of unnecessary documents 

    2.  Coordinate with services that produce documents to be archived: advice, awareness-raising, training, development of payment procedures, internal use of information:
    ·  Advise organisational units on methods of managing their archives;
    ·  Advise users on how best to access archives through training and information sessions on the Bank's records management systems;
    ·  Collaborate in setting the conservation periods for their documents.

    3.  Physical records management and administrative management of the Archives Section
    ·  Organise flows, control conservation spaces, preventive and mitigating conservation:
    ·  Coordinate and oversee the activities of the Section: (a) assessing staffing requirements, organising technical training as required; (b) estimating material needs for filing and archiving.

    4.  Communication of archived information and documents:
    Provide reference and information services on internal documents and archives of the Bank to all internal users: search the DARMS system to respond to user requests.

    5.  Storage of electronic archives 
    Set up a modern, robust and secure archiving program for all the Bank’s archives: archive document capture at the source (workstations), e-mail archiving, identification of reliable, adapted, long-term storage media.

    Selection Criteria

    1.  Hold at least a master's degree or equivalent degree or diploma in one of the following fields: Archival, Information Science or any other related fields; possess in-depth knowledge and practice in archival management; a qualification or knowledge of the law would be an added advantage;
    2.  Proof of at least six (6) years of relevant experience in the field of records management and the Electronic Records Management System (EDRMS) 
    3.  Experience in the private sector or an institution similar to the Bank would be an added advantage;
    4.  Experience working in international, multicultural environments;
    5.  Knowledge in setting up archiving procedures, ability to review and implement the Bank's archiving policy where appropriate;
    6.  In-depth knowledge of integrated document management in general, management of institutional archives: processing, conservation, description and dissemination at internal and external levels.
    7.  Ability to lead a team, good listening skills;
    8.  Ability to develop effective interpersonal relationships, strong negotiation skills;
    9.  Ability to cooperate, with authority, with other units of the Bank;
    10.  Ability to work in a team, strong organisational skills and a meticulous worker
    11.  Ability to communicate effectively in both written and spoken English or French with a good working knowledge of the other language;
    12.  Proficiency in standard Microsoft software (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point); knowledge of SAP would be a plus.

    To apply for this position, you need to be national of one of AfDB member countries.

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