Friday, July 4, 2014

Document Information Officer. IOC, Lausanne. Open until 11 July 2014


Technology and Information Department

Function :
Document Information Officer
Performs the records processing and entering operations necessitated by the moving of offices.
Helps to process, make available, ensure the integrity of and promote the information and knowledge.
Contributes to information and knowledge management activities and projects.
Each employee is responsible for the smooth running of his or her department/unit/section and for keeping his or her competences up to date in line with the IOC’s training policy.
In addition, each employee may be asked to take on responsibilities other than those required by the job if particular circumstances so require.

Activity level

Main responsibilities

- Helps with the study and planning of record-adding and processing operations for the departments.
- Helps the departments with their record-adding operations.
- Processes the documents added.
- Processes the information entrusted to him/her so that the IOC can make use of this in the framework of its activities:
o Manages the legal and financial information (contracts, invoices, etc.).
o Manages the reference documents.
o Manages the records.
o Manages the flow of incoming and outgoing information.
- Provides optimum support and high-quality service for internal and external requests; responds to user requests and assists the users.
- Takes part in the Unit’s projects and activities and helps to manage these.
- Helps to ensure the adoption of best practices in terms of information and knowledge management.
- Contributes to the good governance of information (policies, procedures, instructions, standards, etc.).

Training and language and IT skills

- Specialised information management training (AID or HEG).
- Practical experience of information management, in particular managing documents, archives and records.
- Experience of working with ECM tools, in particular Livelink. SharePoint would be an advantage.
- Good written and spoken knowledge of French and English.

Technical, organisational and personal competences

- Strong professional ethics; service orientation; excellence; team spirit; sense of initiative.
- Ability to work in a dynamic environment and maintain team spirit, whilst respecting deadlines.
- Keen sense of priorities for the effective management of deliverables; diligence in following through the tasks entrusted.
- Ability to organise personal schedule in response to differing demands; attention to detail.
- Keen sense of confidentiality especially when handling sensitive information.
- Ability to play an active part in setting common objectives, get involved and respect the contributions of all team members.
- Ability to consider interpersonal differences as an added value and to interact constructively with all types of people.
- Excellent command of corporate tools and compliance with internal usage rules (Livelink, Outlook, etc.).

Behaviour and attitude

- Respect the Olympic values and internal rules of conduct and all instructions and procedures in place (information security, Code of Ethics, etc.).
- Collaboration and knowledge transfer.
- At ease working in a team.
- Discretion, diplomacy, tact and loyalty; strong professional ethics.
- Precision, speed and efficiency in executing tasks.
- Positive attitude, open-mindedness, enthusiasm.
- Flexibility with regard to working hours and ability to cope with stress.
- Autonomy and sense of initiative.

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