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Managing Director. DLM Forum Foundation. Open until 30 April 2012

DLM Forum Foundation

Appointment of a Managing Director

Introduction and Rationale

The DLM Forum seeks to expand its activities by establishing and operating a professional operational office, run by a Managing Director who will implement the policies set by the Executive Committee.
The Executive Committee has the constitutional role as the board of directors of the DLM Forum Foundation to decide the policies required to meet the Forum’s mission and goals. The Managing Director will be appointed by and work under the direction of the Executive Committee of the DLM Forum Foundation to implement these policies. The Managing Director will have the necessary operational discretion and will work with a small but capable
operational resource that will be put at his/her disposal.

More information on the Executive Committee and the operation of the DLM Forum Foundation can be found on the DLM Forum website. (See

Appointment and responsibilities

The Managing Director will be responsible for:
• Acting as the day to day contact point of the DLM Forum, i.e. the person that represents the DLM Forum Foundation at the appropriate levels and has the communication and personal skills to establish executive-level relationships.
• Advising the Executive Committee concerning strategic planning, budget allocation, likely outcomes in line with the strategic goals of the DLM Forum. This includes:
o Implementation of the policies determined by the Executive Committee.Where
necessary the Managing Director will formulate and propose a set of concrete
actions and a timetable to the Executive Committee to implement the general policy directives it has issued.
o Responsibility for meeting deadlines.
o Informing the Executive Committee of possible consequences of undertaking actions prior to their execution.
o Regularly reporting to the Executive Committee during implementation.
o Managing all aspects of the administration of the Forum within the agreed budget.
• Maintaining contact with members and being proactive in taking actions to increase membership and members' activities.
• Liaising with international and national organisations of information governance, public agencies, industry associations, regulators, foundations, the European Commission, etc.

Job Description

The Managing Director will have authority delegated by the Executive Committee and operational responsibility to enable and be accountable for the following responsibilities:
a) Develop and, after the approval of the Executive Committee, implement a rolling three year plan to guide the operational direction of the Forum.
b) Develop and manage member services of value to the members with a view to increasing the membership of the DLM Forum. This includes events, publications and information services that will enable the DLM Forum to become the most important forum for Archiving, Records Management and Information Governance in Europe.
c) Manage the finances of the DLM Forum. Responsibility for producing budgets, quarterly reports and annual returns to meet the Companies House requirements.
d) Establish relationships with partner organisations, through skilled negotiation and “quid pro quo” approaches where possible.
e) Recruit and manage staff as appropriate.
f) Plan and propose services, activities and events, to the Executive Committee.
g) Implement the services, activities and events approved by the Executive Committee.
These include as a minimum:
• Bi-annual members’ meetings (usually held in the country of the EU presidency)
• Triennial conferences (a valuable and highly regarded industry event offered by the DLM Forum since 1996)
• Two or more major branded DLM Forum events per year (specialising in the
important themes of Information Governance);
• Education & skills development conferences, seminars and exhibitions, workshops and training sessions, managed learning environments, publications.
h) Develop and coordinate research projects for the DLM Forum alone or in partnership with other organisations in the fields of Archiving, Records Management and Information Governance. Examples include user needs analysis, records management economic modelling, ontology development, knowledge engineering, classification, and information retrieval.
i) Prepare and coordinate applications for research and funding to EU and other bodies.
i) In cooperation with the chair of the MoReq Governance Board (MGB), provide support for the activities of the MGB and Forum working groups within its approved budget.
k) Promote, both to DLM Forum members and to the wider community, the importance of Information Governance, including records management and archival practice. Promote
the creation and adoption of specifications, standards and good practices in Information Governance in Europe and beyond.

Skills and Experience Required

The crucial skills required of the Managing Director are:
a) Practical experience in the archiving, records management and the IT industry from either a government or a commercial background.
b) Commercial skills, in running the P&L of an organisation or business, and growing that business, while reporting to and supporting Board members at executive level.
c) Experience in developing, proposing, negotiating and implementing project proposals for funding programmes.
d) Experience of establishing and running successful events and conferences; with expert negotiating skills for running events, publications and services, where the resources required to make the activity successful are not under the direct control of the Managing
f) Ability to set up and run a professional office, assisted by staff, that he/she will recommend to the Executive Committee, who will approve it as part of a comprehensive and realistic annual budget.
g) Communication and language skills, i.e. fluency is required in English and at least one other European language (French, German or Spanish preferred).
The successful candidate will be required to sign the code of ethics of the DLM Forum Foundation. (See

Negotiable Package of €60k plus bonus Location: Europe

Following a policy review the DLM Forum seeks to recruit a Managing Director who will provide expertise and services to implement its strategic vision, by directing the operational execution of the policies of the Executive Committee of the DLM Forum.

The DLM Forum is a not-for-profit Foundation that was created through an initiative of the European Commission in 1997 with support from the National Archives of European Union member states. The DLM Forum is a pan-European subscription-based community of public archives and parties interested in archives, records and information management throughout Europe and beyond. Its current members include suppliers, end users, consultants, regulatory bodies and associations. The DLM Forum sets standards and guidelines for Information Governance including electronic archiving and records management and MoReq2010, the first of a new generation of specifications that provides Information Governance for users in all government and commercial organisations and for vendors across Europe.

By helping to raise its profile and reputation, the Managing Director will promote the activities of the DLM Forum across Europe and to a wider audience. The successful candidate will be expected to implement a strategy that delivers even more value to its members.

The Managing Director will possess relevant experience in archiving, records management and/or the IT industry from either a government or a commercial background. Experience of setting up events; developing educational services; commissioning and delivering value-added publications and relevant high-quality online services to a subscription-based membership is required.

The Managing Director will report to the Executive Committee. The work requires flexibility in working patterns and will take on average three days per week; overseas travel is a part of the role. The successful candidate will be expected to set up an administrative office in a mutually agreed location, manage revenue collection, provide clerical support and meet defined budgets and goals.

We prefer a candidate who also has experience in developing, proposing, negotiating and implementing project proposals for the European Union and other funding providers.

Due to the pan-European nature of the Forum we would expect the candidate to be fluent in English and preferably another European language.

Remuneration will be negotiable and will be based on the scope of services provided within a basic package plus a bonus that will reflect financial performance.

For a full description of the position visit Applications downloads

Please send your CV and a Statement of Interest to: Eric Ketelaar, Secretary, DLM Forum. e-mail

The deadline for applications is 30th April 2012. Interviews will be held in early May 2012.

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