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Human Resources Assistant (Registry & Records), G-4. ICAO, Montreal. Open until 11 September 2015

POSITION INFORMATION Post Title: Human Resources Assistant
(Registry & Records)

Vacancy Notice:

2015/38/G 105593



Posting Period:

28 August – 11 September 2015

Duty Station:


Date for entry on duty:

After 11 September 2015


The Staff Employment and Administration Section (SEA) is one of three Human Resources (HR) Sections within the Bureau of Administration and Services (ADB) in ICAO. SEA is dedicated to operational aspects of HR management and service, such as contract management, benefits and entitlement administration, separation handling and servicing retirees, administration of social security and pension benefits, staff accreditation matters and oversight of the medical clinic.

The incumbent reports directly to the Chief, SEA who provides general guidance and with whom s/he consults on complex technical issues.


Function 1 (incl. Expected results)

Ensures maintenance of registry system,
achieving results such as:

• Set up and maintenance of the HR registry system in accordance with ICAO rules and procedures.

• Open of new subject files as required and disposal of old files in accordance with the established retention schedule.

• Maintain the archives, making sure files are properly stored and accessible; safe keeping of documents.

• Provide photocopies of material from the confidential registry files, as requested by staff.

• Assist in the collection of reference and background material from registry files.

• Preparation of correspondence and reports related to registry activities.

• Participate in the creation and maintenance of an electronic registry system for Human Resources.

Function 2 (incl. Expected results)

Provides effective records management,
achieving results such as:

• Receive, register code documents, letters and other correspondence and store in proper files. Review, record and sort incoming and outgoing mail and maintain a register therefor.

• Establish and maintain file movements within Human Resources and to the Office of the Director, ADB using an established tracking system.

• Follow-up on actions to be taken by the relevant HR Sections.

• Verify completeness and accuracy of returned files and determine the need for the creation of new files.

• Maintain and update the list of registry files on regular basis, including the classification of files.

Function 3 (incl. Expected results)

Performs quality control functions, achieving results such as:

Ensure that paper files are complete, and documents are in chronological order and that all paper and electronic records on file are correctly classified and identified.

• Ensure that files do not contain non-record material and that copies or cross-references by other appropriate means are made for all relevant files in the case of a multiple-subject record.

• Ensure that data entries are complete and accurate according to Records Management procedures, such as keywords, dates, type of document, etc. and that duplicate records are removed.

Function 4 (incl. Expected results)

Maintains a well-organized and user-friendly Records and Registry Room for effective access and information retrieval,
achieving results such as:

• File documents into appropriate folders and ensuring that confidential files are secured.

• Ensure that the labelling and placement of folders in order in the relevant filing rooms/cabinets and inactive files removed and sent for archiving. Review on a daily basis the SEA in-box for incoming faxes and distribute to appropriate staff for action.

• Ensure the accurate provision of files, documents or information requested by determining the subject of the inquiry and the correct file title and number through searching the records management and other databases, through the knowledge of ICAO organization and operations or through consultation with clients.

• Provide timely information to the user(s) in the case of complex inquiries, of not only the file on which the desired record has been placed but also related files which may be necessary to provide complete background to the situation or to enable the user to take the appropriate action.

• Consult or refer clients to other appropriate resources.

Function 5 (incl. Expected results)

Performs a variety of functions related to office support and statistics and surveys,
achieving results such as:

• Assist the HR Assistant (Office Support) in managing incoming/outgoing mail.

• Provide back up support in terms of processing staff accreditation and United Nations Laissez-Passer (UNLPs).

• Ensure an adequate and timely supply of stationery items are available to the Sections.

• Maintain a calendar of activities of SEA.

Function 6

Performs other related duties, as assigned.


Educational background

Successful completion of secondary education, including relevant training in office automation courses.

Professional experience and knowledge


At least four years of experience in administrative/clerical work.

• Knowledge of office automation techniques for text processing and contemporary software including loading files on a web environment.

• Knowledge of filing and registry procedures.


At least two years of experience with an international organization or a government.

• The ability to use relevant software applications.

Language skills


Fluent in reading, writing and speaking abilities in English and French.


Knowledge of any of the other languages of the Organization (Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish).


Accountability: The willingness and ability to accept responsibility for oneself and one’s responsibilities; taking ownership for actions and outcomes.

Creativity: The willingness and ability to develop new ideas, improve existing processes, and thinking "outside of the box".

Client Orientation: The willingness and ability to see things from the clients’ perspective anticipate client needs and concerns; find appropriate solutions for clients and keep clients informed.

Commitment to continuous learning: The willingness and ability to engage in self-development, keep oneself up-to-date with new developments, help others to learn and learn from others.

Planning and Organizing: The ability to set clear goals, to prioritize, to anticipate problems or risks and use time efficiently.


It should be noted that this post is to be filled on a fixed-term basis for an initial period of three years (first year is probationary for an external candidate).

ICAO staff members are international civil servants subject to the authority of the Secretary General and may be assigned to any activities or offices of the Organization within the duty station.

ICAO staff members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting their status as international civil servants. The Standards of Conduct for the International Civil Service adopted by ICAO, which are applicable to all staff members, are defined in the ICAO Service Code (Staff Regulations).

ICAO offers an attractive benefit package to its employees in accordance with the policies of the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC).

The statutory retirement age for staff entering or re-entering service after 1 January 2014 is 65. For external applicants, only those who are expected to complete a term of appointment will normally be considered. Remuneration:


Net Base Salary per annum


CAD 33,386

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