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Document Management Officer, AST 3. EUI, Florence. Open until 30 November 2020


The European University Institute (EUI), based in Florence, Italy

is organising a selection procedure based on qualifications and tests

to draw up a reserve list for the post of

Document Management Officer (DMO)

(Temporary Agent, type 2b, AST031)

in the Real Estate and Facilities Service (REFS)


Who We Are

The European University Institute (EUI) at a glance:

 an international organisation set up in 1972;

 a research university focusing exclusively on

doctoral and post-doctoral studies, and

advanced research;

 located in the hills overlooking the city of Florence,


The Institute also hosts the Historical Archives of the

European Union.

More on our Institution:


Our Unit

The mission of the Real Estate and Facilities Service (REFS) is

to offer to the community of users and to all visitors the optimal

work and life environment for the duration of their stay at the EUI.

The REFS manages the overall infrastructure of the EUI Campus. It

operates and maintains all of the Institute's buildings and their

services, developing them and implementing plans for sustainable


The service takes care of the day-to-day running of the EUI, managing canteens, the crèche,

housing service, postal service, welcome service, ordinary maintenance and site security.

Other areas which come under the remit of the Real Estate and Facilities Service are the

central filing and protocol office, the organisation of conference and seminar rooms, the

management of audio-visual equipment, document reproduction and printing, environmental

services, the purchase office and translation work.



cf. Annex II


Your Key Responsibilities

The Real Estate and Facilities Service (REFS) is looking for a

dynamic Document Management Officer (DMO) who will be

responsible for establishing policies and procedures, managing

tools and systems for document and records management (RM),

and providing information services to EUI services and departments.

This is a substantially reshaped and strategic role focused on developing and managing the

document and records management policies of the EUI.


Level of Expertise:

 In-depth knowledge of applicable rules regarding records management (retention,

archiving) and applicable data protection regulations;

 Identifying, examining, and evaluating major publications and trends in the records

management profession with particular regard to activities in EU institutions;

 Regularly assessing the EUI document management policies, by investigating on security

classification schemes and by testing audit trails.


Technological awareness:

 Understanding applicability and limitation of technology to the work of records


 Actively applying technology to appropriate tasks; being open to learn new technologies;

 Liaising with EUI ICT service and external (IT) companies in order to secure system



Policy/ Strategy Making:

 Developing and maintaining document management policies;

 Cooperating with the administrative staff in organising and maintaining the EUI central

archives in accordance with existing rules and standards applicable to the EUI;

 Implementing rules and procedures concerning registration, filing, archiving and retention

of documents and files;

 Managing the various electronic document management systems in place at the EUI;

 Leading strategic discussions and working groups with regard to the EUI RM programme;

 Facilitating administrative staff‘s access to EUI electronic document management

systems, and leading the transition towards digital and digitised archives;

 Participating actively in the relevant working groups.



 Providing advice and organising workshops to ensure knowledge of and compliance with

the EUI records management programme;

 Developing and maintaining the contents of the EUI RM programme web pages;

 Liaising with staff of EUI services and departments to ensure the EUI documents are

managed in a secure way;

 Participating in and contributing to the profession through external training and

networking activities.


Level of autonomy and accountability:

 Working with a high level of autonomy; accountable for the work of others;

 Reporting directly to the REFS Director.


Role in administrative processes:

 Managing the document and records management policies of the EUI;

 Taking into account relevant provisions on information security and protection of personal

data in the implementation of rules and procedures;

 Liaising with services and departments on document management policies;

 Managing the EUI records and archives management systems and applications;

 Working with and providing hands-on training to staff to ensure the information is

managed and retained in an appropriate and secure way;

 Providing support and assistance on all document management-related questions to

administrative and academic staff.


People management:

 Supervising project staff, contractors, external collaborators and trainees;

 Providing regular training for EUI administrative services and academic units, in particular

all users involved in document and records management;

 Conducting evaluation of the training provided;


Budget management:

 Managing the budget assigned to the records

management office and for the management of

its digital systems and applications.


Finance and procurement:

 Managing finances and procurement for all

acquisitions and services required for the

management of the records and archives systems.


Your Key Competencies

All staff at the EUI share the following competencies:

 Ethics and integrity

 Working in a multicultural environment

 Accountability

 Delivering quality and results


Competencies specific to the unit and the role include the


 Organizational skills for own and others’ work and ability to meet deadlines and to set


 Communication and presentation skills;

 Ability to work collaboratively and build strong working relationships;

 Strong service-oriented approach.


What We Offer

 A role in an inspiring community of young scholars with an

exclusive focus on doctoral and post-doctoral studies;

 A world-class research library, the Historical Archives of the

European Union, and many other excellent research


 Language courses and soft skills trainings;

 Access to all EUI facilities: library, crèche, cafeteria, gym,

participation in seminars and workshops;

 Competitive salary package including health and pension plan;

 A healthy work-life balance in a family-friendly environment.


How To Apply

Applications must be submitted electronically using the V/AD/REF/1/2020 online application

form available at


Before completing the online application form you are invited to read ANNEXES I

& II that represent an integral part of this vacancy notice.


Annex I – Eligibility and Selection Criteria



On the closing date for online applications, you must fulfil all the following general

and specific conditions:


1. General conditions

 Being a national of a Member State of the European Union;

 Enjoying full rights as a citizen attested by a recent extract from judicial records and/or

certificate of good conduct proving no previous conviction for a criminal or

administrative offence that could call into question his/her suitability for performing

the duties of the post;

 Having fulfilled any obligations imposed by the laws on military service;

 Being physically fit to perform the duties.


2. Specific conditions

2.1 Education (Qualifications)

A level of post-secondary education attested by a diploma, or

a level of secondary education attested by a diploma giving access to higher education,

and appropriate professional experience of at least three years. This professional

experience will be considered part of the educational qualification and will not be taken

into account in the required numbers of professional experience under 2.2.2.

2.2. Professional experience2

By the deadline for applications, and in addition to the qualifications required above, you

must have at least three years of relevant professional experience gained after obtaining

the diploma required under 2.1.

2.3 Knowledge of Languages3

 Main language: have a thorough knowledge of one official language of the European

Union; and

 Second language: a satisfactory knowledge of another official language of the

European Union to the extent necessary for the performance of the duties.



2 Professional experience will be counted from the date on which the applicant acquired the minimum qualification for access to this post. Only duly documented professional activity (i.e. remunerated employment or selfemployment) is taken into account. Part-time work will be taken into account in proportion to the percentage of full-time hours worked. Periods of education or training and unremunerated traineeships are not taken into account.

Completed and remunerated PhDs can be counted as professional experience up to a maximum of 3 years. Any given time period can be counted only once.

3 Recruited candidates shall be required to demonstrate before their first promotion the ability to work in a thirdEU language.





 University degree in Archives Science and/or Records Management;

 At least 3 years of relevant work experience in document, records or archives

management programmes, including the use of dedicated systems;

 Experience with IT tools applied to document, records and archives management;

 Demonstrated experience in drafting and implementing records management policies;

 Knowledge of provisions concerning information security and protection of personal


 Excellent knowledge of English, both spoken and written (CEFR level: C1 or above).


 Proven ability to work as part of a multinational and multidisciplinary team in an

international environment;

 Experience working with European Union institutions or in a university or research


 Knowledge of additional languages of the European Union.

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