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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Project Manager in Information Management. ICRC, Geneva. Open until 27 May 2018


Requisition ID 6542 - Posted 08/05/2018 - Management - Eurasia - Switzerland - Resident

What we do

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) works worldwide to provide humanitarian assistance to people affected by conflict and armed violence. We take action in response to emergencies and at the same time promote respect for international humanitarian law. We are an independent and neutral organization, and our mandate stems essentially from the Geneva Conventions of 1949. We work closely with National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and with their International Federation in order to ensure a concerted, rational and rapid humanitarian response to the needs of the victims of armed conflict or any other situation of internal violence. We direct and coordinate the international activities conducted in these situations.

Purpose of the post

The Information Management Unit (CIM_AIM_IM) within the "Archives and Information Management" (CIM_AIM) division is in charge of the information management for all the ICRC (field and HQ).
To do so, one of the 4 missions of the CIM_AIM_IM Unit is to manage projects on topics such as document management, collaboration, information retrieval, records management and long term electronic archiving, communication tools (email and instant messaging), paperless program, and external contact management.
The CIM_AIM_IM Unit aims to keep up to date on the new technologies available in these different topics. It also proposes innovative solutions based on solid analyzes in order to answer the needs of the ICRC, on the most relevant way, while respecting the framework of the Information Environment Strategy as well as the Data Protection Office recommendations.
The project manager will manage information management projects within the Digital Workplace Sector, composed by a team of 3 to 5 people. He / she reports directly to the Digital Workplace program manager.
The project manager will work closely with his/her counterpart in the ICT division – reason why we are looking for a project manager DAM / CRM / ECM from a business side

Main duties and responsibilities

  • Maintains a global view on the project progress and expected benefits, as well as a detailed view on the status of individual deliverables.
  • Organizes, prepares, conducts, coordinates, facilitates, and reports on all project management activities necessary to achieve the project´s objectives in accordance to the Project Management Framework.
  • Ensures project controls are monitored and recorded, ensuring any changes in scope, time or budget are validated by the Steering Committee.
  • Maintains a detailed work plan, documenting and managing interdependencies and risks while ensuring that adequate risk mitigation measures are in place and regularly monitored.
  • Reviews/approves work plan of external service provider or consultancy contracted for the project.
  • Develops and implements a strategy to accompany the changes brought on by the project, including communication and training.
  • Ensure the description and formalization of business requirements
  • Deal with the Request for Information process, Request For Proposal, Bid Evaluation and Selection
  • Ensure the quality of implementation of the solution (test scripts, acceptance and validation tests) with the ICT project manager
  • Ensure that business processes are correctly implemented through the proposed technical solution
  • Maintain the project's business documentation
  • In compliance with the objectives set by the CIM_AIM_IM unit, follow the evolution of practices and tools in one of the areas related to information management (paperless, messaging, collaboration, search engine, records management, electronic archiving, audiovisual files management ...)
  • Coordinate all these activities with the ICT project manager
  • Provides leadership and motivation to the project team members, ensuring their work is aligned to the overall project purpose and deliverables.
  • Manages directly a small team (2-4) dedicated to the project. Contributes to work plans for a larger team that does not directly report to the project.

Certifications / Education required

  • Master degree or equivalent professional experience in a field related to information management
  • Project Management Certification a must: PMI, Hermes, SCRUM…
  • Business analysis Certification an asset
  • Change Management Certification an asset.
  • Fluent in English & French (English being essential).
  • Computer proficiency.

Professional Experience required

  • 12-15 years of professional experience.
  • 3 to 5 years of professional experience in in managing successfully small or medium project(s) from a business side in the following areas of information management: document management, records management, search engine, collaboration, paperless, Contact Relationship Management, Digital Asset Management.
  • Good knowledge of the digital world and information management (governance and technologies)
  • Experience in successfully managing and motivating a team.
  • Experience in an international environment an asset

Desired profile and skills

  • Strongly motivated by humanitarian work
  • Leadership
  • Ability / aptitudes: communication skills, listening, autonomy, adaptability, rigor, sense of result, analytical and synthesis skills, editorial skills, respect for humanitarian values
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Autonomy in the conduct of projects
  • Ability to lead several projects in parallel with different stakeholders
  • Ability to manage stress and the unforeseen
  • Adaptability in an ever-changing environment

Additional information

  • Location: Geneva, Switzerland
  • Type of contract: open-ended
  • Activity rate: 100%
  • Length of assignment : permanent position
  • Estimated start date: ASAP
  • Application deadline: 27.05.2018

  • Location: Geneva, Switzerland
  • Type of contract: open-ended
  • Activity rate: 100%
  • Length of assignment : permanent position
  • Estimated start date: ASAP
  • Application deadline: 27.05.2018

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