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Monday, November 7, 2011

Senior Information Management Assistant, G-7. UNICEF, New York. Open until 21 November 2011

Senior Information Management Assistant (OPSCEN), EMOPS, G-7, New York

Vacancy No: E-VN-2011-001944
Duty Station: New York
Country: United States of America
Region: NY HQ Job Level: G-7
Position#: 00071795
Application Close: 21-Nov-11
Contract Type: Long-term Staff (FT)

Purpose of the Position
UNICEF's Emergency Operations Centre (OPSCEN) provides 24/7 global information and communications services to support UNICEF staff around the world. OPSCEN relies upon well-organised information management (IM) systems to maximize its efficiency and effectiveness. A key component of OPSCEN's IM strategy is "COSMOS", an information management system that unifies diverse data sources, using Microsoft SharePoint application. COSMOS is currently in development and, in 2012, it will form the foundation for OPSCEN's IM processes.

Under the supervision of the OPSCEN Deputy Manager, and in collaboration with all OPSCEN team members, the OPSCEN Senior IM Assistant will be responsible for developing, streamlining and maintaining OPSCEN's information management system with a focus on maximising the features of COSMOS.


Key Expected Results
Within the delegated authority and under the given organizational set-up, the incumbent may be assigned the primary, shared, or contributory accountabilities for all or part of the following areas of major duties and tasks.

1. OPSCEN daily operations are supported by information management policies, procedures, processes and systems.
- Develops standard operating procedures (SOPs) to support good IM practices, with a focus on standardised protocols for labeling, filing and archiving documents and e-mails.
- Provides ongoing trainings and briefings to OPSCEN team members to build IM capacity and to support adherence to OPSCEN IM SOPs.
- Carries out ongoing checking of labeling, filing and archiving actions carried out by OPSCEN team members to ensure quality control and adherence to IM SOPs.

2. OPSCEN's information management system, COSMOS, is developed, updated and maintained.
- Ensures ongoing uploading of data to COSMOS databases.
- Generates weekly and monthly statistical reports to calculate number and types of operation carried out in COSMOS.
- In collaboration with OPSCEN team members, develops COSMOS through SharePoint's customisable "out-of-the-box" features.

3. OPSCEN's intranet site is developed, updated and maintained.
- In collaboration with OPSCEN Deputy Manager and OPSCEN team members, develops OPSCEN's intranet site.
- Upon request of the OPSCEN Deputy Manager, uploads new content to OPSCEN's intranet site.
- Provides ongoing review of site to identify bugs and/or errors and implements corrective actions in a timely fashion.

4. OPSCEN's database of key UNICEF staff is maintained and updated on a daily basis.
- Maintains contact database with accurate and up-to-date contact information for approximately 3,000 key UNICEF staff around the world.
- Tracks staff movements (R&R, leave, mission, deployment, change of duty station, retirement, etc.) and updates contact database accordingly.
- Produces monthly statistical reports to calculate number and types of database operation carried out in COSMOS.

5. OPSCEN has on file up-to-date emergency contact lists for all UNICEF offices, with special focus on countries with highest security levels.
- Develops and implements system for ensuring the filing of up-to-date emergency contact lists for all UNICEF offices, with a focus on maintaining the most recent records for countries with highest security levels.
- Ensures tracking of emergency contact list expiration dates, and follows up with offices for which emergency contact lists are soon to expire.
- Files emergency contact lists according to OPSCEN IM SOPs, cross-references key staff with contact database and updates accordingly.
- Produces monthly reports concerning status of emergency contacts lists, with particular attention paid to countries with highest security levels and those for which lists are about to expire or have expired.

6. OPSCEN's e-mail distribution lists are maintained and updated to ensure correct targeting of OPSCEN's information products.
- Reviews on an ongoing basis the contents of OPSCEN's distribution lists and updates, as appropriate.
- Upon request of OPSCEN Deputy Manager, and in consultation with EMOPS Humanitarian Field Support Section, creates new distribution lists for specific emergencies.

7. Maps displaying UNICEF staff and premises with emergency- or security-related overlays are produced in a timely fashion
- Maintains database of GPS coordinates of all UNICEF offices and guesthouses and, where appropriate, private staff residences.
- Creates accurate and timely maps, displaying locations of offices, current locations of staff and other security- or emergency-related data, as appropriate.

8. Data regarding security/conflict, politics/international relations and environmental/ meteorological trends are synthesised into timely and informative reports.
- In collaboration with other OPSCEN team members, reviews existing sources regarding security/conflict, politics/international relations and environmental/meteorological trends.
- Develops distribution lists containing contact information concerning UNICEF colleagues with specific regional and thematic information needs .
- Regularly reviews key data sources, consolidates updates into regional and thematic reports and distributes to appropriate distribution lists.

9. Effective working relations are maintained with other agencies engaged in security- and emergency-related information management
- Liaises with UN Secretariat, UNDSS, UNOCHA and other UN agencies for purposes of data sharing (e.g. GPS coordinates, security level data, etc.)
- Participates in interagency emergency- and security-related IM coordination meetings.

10. Any other assigned information management, administrative and back-up responsibilities are carried out.

Qualifications of Successful Candidate
- Completion of Secondary School; University level courses in information management, information technology or any other related field of discipline relevant to the job an asset.
- Seven years of relevant work experience with both national and International work experience in administration, information management, information technology and geographic information systems .
- Fluency in English required; fluency in another UN language desirable.

Competencies of Successful Candidate
- Communicates effectively to varied audiences, including during formal public speaking.
- Able to work effectively in a multi-cultural environment.
- Sets high standards for quality of work and consistently achieves project goals.
- Analyzes and integrates potentially conflicting numerical, verbal and other data from a number of sources.
- Demonstrates and shares detailed technical knowledge and expertise.
- Sets clearly defined objectives and plans activities for self, own team or department.
- Ensures that team or department follows relevant company policies and procedures.

Post advertisement has been extended due to a change in the minimum requirements of the position - the UN ASAT examination is not a mandatory requirement for this position.

UNICEF is committed to diversity and inclusion within its workforce, and encourages qualified female and male candidates from all national, religious and ethnic backgrounds, including persons living with disabilities, to apply to become a part of our organisation.

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