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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Audiovisual Archivists, AST3 (5 positions). European Institutions, EPSO. Open until 26 November 2010


The audiovisual archives of the EU institutions contain unique historical and topical footage of key moments in the past
and daily activities. Archivists working in this environment should be aware of this particular heritage and at the same
time be familiar with the latest technological tools to manage archives. The audiovisual archivists should have strong interpersonal
and organisational skills and have a flair for innovation and initiative.

1. Duties
— The organisation, management and use of television, multimedia, radio and photo archives,
— the use and management of specific documentary databases to index and describe new sequences for inclusion in the
archives database and publication on the Internet,
— working with television, multimedia and radio and photo professionals (producers, journalists, documentalists etc.) to
provide images adapted to their needs and providing production teams with archive images,
— keeping a technology watch: adapting archive management to new information technologies.

2. Qualifications
(a) A level of education which corresponds to a completed post-secondary diploma in audiovisual or document archiving
(b) a level of secondary education attested by a diploma giving access to post-secondary education, and appropriate
professional experience of at least 3 years in audiovisual archiving.

3. Professional experience
At least 3 years' professional experience in audiovisual archiving. You must have gained this experience:
— since obtaining the qualification required under point 2(a)
— since obtaining the qualification and in addition to the professional experience required under point 2(b).

4. Selection criteria
As part of the selection on the basis of qualifications, the selection board will take into consideration the following:
1. additional training in audiovisual or document archiving;
2. professional experience as an audiovisual archivist during the last 10 years, beyond the 3 years required under ‘Professional
3. thorough proven knowledge of one of the two languages (FR or EN) used in indexing;
4. professional experience of audiovisual database management techniques;
5. proven theoretical knowledge of digitisation management and processing techniques;
6. professional experience of digitisation management and processing techniques;
7. familiarity with the history of European integration, European affairs, and how the European institutions work;
8. knowledge of audiovisual production processes;
9. knowledge of the audiovisual technical vocabulary and tools;
10. professional experience in assessing the requirements, demands and constraints of audiovisual media with respect to
European news topics;
11. professional experience of the latest distribution techniques for TV, radio and photo content;
12. proven theoretical knowledge in the field of copyright and image rights management;
13. professional experience in the field of copyright and image rights management;
14. experience of researching and negotiating the acquisition of audiovisual content (TV, radio, photo).

C 292 A/20 EN Official Journal of the European Union (28.10.2010)
Deadline: 26 November 2010 at 12.00 (midday), Brussels time.

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  1. Hola Gustavo,
    He llegado tarde a esta convocatoria. Quisiera saber si estas plazas se convocan con cierta regularidad. Soy documentalista audiovisual en una empresa privada y me gustaría comenzar a prepararme. Agradeceré cualquier información al respecto.
    Un saludo


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