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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Archive and Document Management Assistants, AST3 (43 positions). European Institutions, Brussels. Open until 26 November 2010


EPSO/AST/103/10 = 43 positions

1. Duties

In general, the role of assistants in archive and document management is to develop and implement rules and procedures
for the management of documents in a complex and multicultural environment marked by the development of new technologies.
They must administer and provide services relating to the current, intermediate and historic archives, and for
historical research. In addition, they will be required to disseminate information, provide training, manage teams and take
part in/speak before in-house and outside events.
It should be properly emphasised that the purpose of this competition is not to recruit information technology (IT) or
library science specialists.
The main duties involved, which may vary from one institution to another, include:
— Collecting, recording, indexing, filing, sorting, preserving and storing documents in accordance with current international
standards, using electronic document and archive management systems,
— establishing, organising and/or updating filing plans, establishing and updating management schedules; helping to
guarantee document authenticity, particularly in an electronic environment,
— managing digital archives, including reception and input, cataloguing them, establishing and updating the archiving
and document retrieval metadata, by using, setting up and maintaining electronic systems for managing electronic
— writing up historical context descriptions of the collections, entering document and file references, compiling files and
drawing up the content analysis of archives selected for permanent retention based on current international standards,
— undertaking comprehensive search procedures for archived files and documents and assisting visitors and researchers
in a technical and professional capacity.

2. Qualifications
A level of education which corresponds to a completed post-secondary diploma in archiving or document management
a level of education which corresponds to a completed post-secondary diploma, followed by a course of at least 1 year in
archiving or document management, attested by a diploma.

3. Professional experience
After obtaining the diploma required, at least 3 years' professional experience in archiving and/or document management.
Additional training attested by a diploma obtained in the course of full-time studies in the field of archiving/document
management can be taken into account, counting for up to 1 year.

4. Selection criteria
As part of the selection on the basis of qualifications, the selection board will take into consideration the following:
1. professional experience within the archives or document management department of a public or private organisation;
2. professional experience in the development of international standards for document management and archives;
3. professional experience in the application of international standards for document management and archives;
4. professional experience in the development and use of electronic document management systems, including experience
with systems for recording documents, filing plans, management schedules and other relevant tools;
5. professional experience in the development and use of applications for electronic archive management;
6. professional experience in searching for documents in various media (paper, digital, microfiches, audiovisual);
7. professional experience in sorting and describing archives;
8. professional experience in client services or inter-department communications (i.e. with the IT department, operational
departments, etc.);
9. professional experience in training procedures;
10. additional training in archiving and/or document management.

Deadline: 26 November 2010 at 12.00 (midday), Brussels time.
(28.10.2010) EN Official Journal of the European Union C 292 A/25

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