Friday, January 22, 2010

What does P-2 mean?

For many of you it will be obvious, but perhaps some of you are not acquainted with the UN Common System of Job Classification. Basically we have General Service positions (G-1 to G-7)and Professional positions (P-1 to P-5). For equivalence we would say that a P-2 is a junior professional, P-3 an established professional and P-4 a senior professional. P-5 are chiefs of section. There are also Director levels and political positions (ASGs and USGs), but that's another matter...

For a professional position the requirements are a Master's Degree (MA) and a variable amount of experience related to the level.

This system is common to all the UN system (UN Secretariat, UNICEF, UNFCCC,...) but also used by other organizations (OSCE amongst others). It is maintained by the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC):

You can find information about about Salaries, Allowances, Benefits and Job Classification here:

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