Monday, October 22, 2018

Business and Information Management, Branch Head. NATO Mission Iraq, Baghdad. Open until 30 October 2018






LOCATION: Baghdad, Iraq


DIVISION: Business and Information Management (BIM)

TITLE: Branch Head, BIM







NATO is a member of the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS/Daesh, and coordinates its efforts to support Iraq with the United Nations, the European Union and individual countries.


NATO Mission Iraq (NMI) is a non-combat mission which complements the broader international effort to support Iraq to eradicate terrorism, thus increasing the long- term stability of the region.


NMI will be focused in establishing in Baghdad a network of advisors, mentors and trainers within Iraqi Security Institutions, primarily the Ministry of Defense, and Professional Military Education Institutions, in order to advise on Security Sector Reform and to support the Iraqi institutions in enhancing their capabilities and functionality.


The Business and Information (BIM) Branch is responsible to the Chief of Staff (COS) for the integration and coordination of activities by ensuring proper management of CG level tasks and that Information and Knowledge is managed properly within the HQ to enhance situation awareness and HQ efficiency.


The Branch Head (BIM) is responsible for staff and workflow management, knowledge management, management/process planning, and the management of the information workflow within the HQ.

The Branch Head (BIM) reports to the COS as Senior Information Official.  The Branch Head supervises the work of two Staff Assistants BIM (IKM/SWM) - NTI ZIX 0020, NTI ZIX 0030, and of the Staff Assistant Registry/Distribution - NTI ZIX 0040.





The Branch Head (BIM) is responsible for advising the CG on the NTCBM-I HQ use of information.


The Branch Head (BIM) manages the creation and direction and guidance in relation to information life cycle.

The Branch Head (BIM) facilitates and co-ordinates staff correspondence and tasks between the Command Group(CG) and the headquarters staff, using the full spectrum of management tools, to include computerized tasker management system and an operational 'Open Issues List', as necessary.


The Branch Head (BIM) co-ordinates information management policy and practices within the headquarters as well as develops and maintains appropriate strategies to promote the synchronization of all IM, coordination and management tools within the JFC HQ and subordinated Commands.


The Branch Head (BIM) develops knowledge, understanding and use of IM tools and strategies amongst all members of the Command.


The Branch Head (BIM) undertakes work as part of a project team or working group as directed or assigned. 


Under routine circumstances, the job is performed in a typical office environment, within a secure facility, where normal working conditions apply.

Within the current identified threats, the overall risk is medium.  The level of threat requires adherence to the detailed in-theatre instructions on personnel security.

The risk may increase if personnel are moving outside of designated secure areas. 

The incumbent may be required to perform like duties elsewhere within the organisation as directed.







University Degree and 2 years of post related experience,




Higher Secondary education and completed advanced vocational training leading to a professional qualification or professional accreditation, with 4 years of post related and 2 years of function related experience.


Must have English Standard Language Proficiency level of “Professional” in listening, speaking, reading, and writing (SLP 3333 based on NATO standards). 


Must have proven experience with the Standard Automated Data Processing: 

Word-processing, Spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and Databases. 




M5-32: Staff Officers orientation course;


P5-07: NATO Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) course.


English Standard Language Proficiency level of “Expert” in listening, reading, speaking and writing, (SLP 4444 based on NATO standards). 





The successful candidate will be offered a 12-month definite duration contract, which may be renewed subject to satisfactory performance, and the continued operational need/funding for the position. 


The basic salary for an ICH-7 is Euro € 9,643.00 per month (exempt from local taxation). A further amount of 12% of the basic salary will be paid every month to satisfy personal pension obligations.


The benefit package may include allowances based on personal circumstances.

This post is a non-accompanied assignment.

Living quarters provided by NATO.





HQ JFC Naples uses NATO Talent Acquisition Platform.   In order to apply for this vacancy, please visit the platform at:, and search for vacancies within HQ JFC Naples with duty location Baghdad, Iraq. 


Once you created your profile, you will be able to use it to apply for other vacancies within NATO. 


Important note for candidates:  


Staff members are appointed to and hold posts on the establishment of a NATO body only on condition that:  


They are nationals of a NATO member country;


They are over 21 and under 65 years of age at the time of taking up their appointments. 



A NATO security clearance and approval of the candidate’s medical file by the NATO Medical Advisor are essential conditions for appointment to this post.  Applicants are not required to possess a clearance at the time of applying, but they must be eligible for a clearance.  HQ JFCNP will take action to obtain the required security clearance from the successful candidates’ national authorities. 


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