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Monday, October 17, 2011

Senior Information Resources & Services Assistant (Records & Archives). ADB, Manila. Open until 27 October 2011

Senior Information Resources & Services Assistant (Records & Archives)

Facilities and Asset Management Division, Office of Administrative Services

Closing date: 27 Oct 2011 , 5:00 p.m. (1700 Manila Time, 0900 GMT)

Job Purpose:
To assist the Records and Archives section of the Information Resources and Services Unit in the management of ADB's records in electronic and paper formats and filing system, as well as in providing training and advice to various departments/offices in ADB headquarters (HQ) and resident missions/representative offices (RMs/ROs) primarily on electronic records and documents management.
Expected Outcomes:
Electronic Records and Documents Organization
Assists in the content management and implementation of an electronic records management system (ERMS) and its components, including the preparation of file plan that covers identifying record materials, file structure and classification, restriction, retention and disposition schedule.

Provides inputs in developing taxonomy to ensure consistency and adherence to approved classification and naming conventions.

Serves as liaison between the systems developers in OIST and the users of the ERMS in developing and designing the system to facilitate upload, search and retrieval of electronic records.

Executes the tests scenarios for ERMS that are created by OIST, evaluate the results of these tests and report the findings to facilitate needed improvements in the system.

Records and Documents Retrieval

Assists in the search and retrieval of records and documents as requested by the Management and staff taking into account restriction policies. Updates and maintains records database/s to facilitate search and retrieval of documents.

Advisory and Training

Advises concerned staff in departments/offices in ADB HQ, Board offices and RMs/ROs on various aspects of records management. Provides inputs in developing policies and procedures for ERMS users. Orients and guides staff on various aspects of managing paper and electronic records. Prepares and updates course materials for training programs, including eLearning materials.

Recommends improvements in file maintenance procedures, proposes revisions and other updates to the records management and maintenance manual and subject classification guide. Updates and maintains records database/s.

Trains service providers on document preparation, appraisal and proper disposition of records.

Records Management Audit

Participates in records management audits of departments/offices and, if necessary, RMs/ROs to ensure compliance with the ADB records management standards.

Conducts periodic checks on uploaded files to verify status, classification and retention schedule and coordinates with concerned staff/departments on their adherence to the approved Records Retention and Disposition Schedule and File Plan. Creates and updates folders in the ERMS to harmonize structure and format.


Performs other duties as may be assigned and reflected in the incumbent's work plan.

Educational Requirements:
Bachelor's degree in library science, computer science, information technology, information management discipline or related field.
Relevant Experience And Other Requirements:
Work experience
At least 5 years overall experience in library, records and/or information management
Technical knowledge

Sound working knowledge and understanding of ADB's records management system, policies and procedures
Sound working knowledge of digital imaging and electronic documents conversion processes
Sound working knowledge of ADB's ISO 14001/EHSMS 18001 best practices particularly on records management
Proficient in ADB standard software programs and information technologies

People and leadership skills

Able to liaise and work effectively with staff within own work location
Able to work collaboratively with teams as a constructive team member
Good command of written and spoken English
Core Competencies:
Application of Technical Knowledge and Skills
Deals with routine queries and correspondence in accordance with procedures
Proactively seeks relevant development opportunities and submits for approval
Produces summaries and frameworks by collecting and analyzing diverse information
Client Orientation

Adjusts style and approach to respect and serve different clients
Conveys messages by asking questions and using different approaches
Identifies when a client issue requires escalation
Responds to clients without prompts or reminders from senior colleagues
Achieving Results and Problem Solving

Proposes solutions to minimize delays and setbacks in completing work
Reviews all task objectives and achieves core deliverables
Uses time management and organizational skills to promptly complete work to the required standard
Delivers beyond the stated task objectives
Working Together

Consistently works effectively with individuals of different views, culture, nationality, gender, and age
Consistently seeks assistance when requirements are unclear
Provides timely updates on relevant information
Freely shares and seeks useful knowledge and to complete work
Communication and Knowledge Sharing

Uses effective written and oral communication in preparing documents, presentations and interactions
Asks questions to understand how to follow up on feedback
Locates relevant information to expedite workflow
Innovation and Change

Adopts new policies, systems and processes in a timely fashion
Shares ideas for how work can be completed more effectively
Immediate Reporting Relationships / Other Information:
Supervisor: Designated International Staff and senior National Staff

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