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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Head of Information Services, A3. NURC, La Spezia. Open until 26 January 2011

Vacancy Announcement

Vacancy 18/2010
NATO Undersea Research Centre, La Spezia, Italy
Closing Date 26 January 2011
The NATO Undersea Research Centre (NURC) is seeking applicants for the position of Head, Information Services within the Technical Support Division. The post holder manages and provides information services in support of the scientific, technical and administrative functions at NURC. The Head manages the intellectual property of the Centre, printing and publishing operations, and facilitates the distribution of information/products between NURC and NATO commands and agencies, as well as national distribution centres.


1. Manage information services:
a. Develop and update the Centre’s information services to support research projects and improve information sharing: these include management of the technical library and the NURC Registry
b. Develop and maintain guidelines for the classification, control and dissemination of information in compliance with NATO policies
c. Identify, manage and control proprietary information and intellectual property
d. Define requirements, implement and maintain tools and systems to enable the efficient management of information throughout its life-cycle
e. Archive data and information products for long term use
f. Manage the NURC websites, including social networking sites, special events/project sites and online services such as event registration, electronic payments

2. Manage the production, printing and distribution of NURC information:
a. Manage and track the publication review and approval process, assign report numbers and maintain official templates
b. Edit and/or oversee the editing of scientific, technical and management reports, newsletters/pamphlets and web content for external audiences
c. Produce (develop, layout, print) technical reports, official documents, annual reports, and other documents
d. Manage the production and printing of public materials such as posters and business cards
e. Coordinate with NATO bodies and national distribution centres in the distribution of NURC products
f. Publish information on the NURC intranet

3. Improve information sharing and knowledge management:
a. Make available tools and processes to improve information sharing and management of corporate knowledge
b. Educate and train users in content management and use of information tools and systems
c. Develop standards for information management to enable easy retrieval, both internally and in coordination with external stakeholders

1. A university degree in management information systems, library, computer science, information science or related disciplines and 4 years of related professional experience OR a higher secondary education and completed advanced vocational training in the discipline leading to a professional qualification or professional accreditation with 5 years of related professional experience.
2. Demonstrated knowledge of the application of information technology to information organisation and retrieval, publishing and archiving.
3. Experience with intellectual property management, in particular the implementation of tools, systems and processes to enable the capture, organisation, sharing and archival of information.
4. Knowledge of electronic publishing standards and processes, and the distribution and dissemination of information products.
5. Experience in and knowledge of scientific information, preferably in a comparable-sized and scope research organisation.
6. Experience in leading and supervising teams, and in planning and execution of work priorities.
7. The ability to read, write, speak, and comprehend English language at a professional level. The work of the NURC is conducted primarily in the English language.
8. A NATO Secret security clearance (if not currently held the incumbent must be eligible for this level of clearance).

The following would be considered an advantage:
1. Masters degree in a relevant field.
2. Excellent written and oral communication skills (in English), including the ability to edit technical information and to write content at the appropriate level for target audiences in an international environment.
3. Experience with the classification and control of information, and with the safeguard and control of intellectual property including copyright.
4. Experience in change management, getting users to adopt new tools and processes.
5. Experience working with/in an international organisation.
6. Ability to obtain a NATO COSMIC Top Secret security clearance.

Leadership and management:
1. Able to take initiative, and provide creative solutions to meet the information needs of internal and external customers.
2. Able to evaluate, establish and adjust priorities, make decisions, and assume full accountability for actions and decisions taken.
3. Able to lead, motivate and mentor staff within the group.
4. Able to persuade and influence stakeholders to adopt new practices and processes.

Relationships and Communication:
1. Able to develop long-term strategic relationships with stakeholders, partners and sponsors.
2. Able to understand, explain and present complex ideas to both specialist and non-specialist audiences at all levels in a clear, concise, persuasive manner, both written and oral.
3. Able to conduct discussions with representatives of NATO nations or other NATO bodies, and have regular professional contact typically at the operational level inside and outside the Centre with political awareness, good listening and negotiating skills, tact, judgment and adaptability.

Successful candidate will be offered a three-year definite duration contract which might be followed by an indefinite duration contract. NURC offers a comprehensive benefits package including tax-free remuneration, 6 weeks annual vacation, life and medical insurance, a retirement plan, educational allowance for dependent children and paid travel to the home country for the international staff member and family every two years.

Applications indicating the vacancy number and job title must be submitted via email using the NURC application and post requirements forms, which are available on the NURC Recruitment Website ( Please note that we accept applications electronically without a photograph and without a signature at this stage in the process. All applications are acknowledged by return e-mail. Should you not receive an acknowledgement within 3 working days of submitting your application, please re-submit the application to
Note: Curriculum Vitae or résumés will not be accepted as a valid application.
Closing Date for applications: 26 January 2011
POC: Human Resources Branch (
Notes for candidates: the candidature of NATO redundant staff will be considered and evaluated before any other candidature.
Applicants who are not successful in this competition may be offered an appointment to another post of a similar nature, albeit at the same or a lower grade, provided they meet the necessary requirements.
Appointment will be subject to the deliverance of a NATO Secret security clearance by the national Authorities of the selected candidate and approval of the candidate’s medical file by the NATO Medical Adviser and the Organization’s insurers.
Notes for NATO civilian personnel officers/human resources managers: if you have any qualified redundant staff, please advise NURC either by message or e-mail ( no later than 20 January 2011.
Remarks: only nationals of the 28 NATO member countries can apply for vacancies at NURC. The NATO member countries are: Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia,
Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom, and United States.
POC: Human Resources Branch (

Attachment: NATO JOB DESCRIPTION, Post Number TRC TIX 0010
Job Title
Head (Information Services)
Date 27 Jun 2008
PE Post Number
TRC TIX 0010

Allied Command Transformation


NATO Undersea Research Centre ISPE


Technical Support Division

Information Services Office

Job Code

Duty Location
La Spezia (ITA)

- The NATO Undersea Research Centre (NURC) develops technology that will facilitate the transformation of NATO military capabilities and is a focus for partnering in maritime innovation for NATO Commands and the NATO Nations. The Technical Support Division makes available up-to-date technologies for the use of the Research Division, to purchase, design and integrate equipments and systems, and to optimize the use of NURC sea-going resources. Information Services Office facilitates the flow in scientific, technical, and administrative information between NURC and NATO Commands and Agencies and national distributions centres. Under the direction of the Head, Technical Support Dept and in close coordination with the Director, Deputy Director, and other members of Management, the Post Holder is responsible for the management and provision of information services.
Division Head (Technical Support Division), TRC TXX 0010.
The incumbent’s duties are:
The incumbent of this position is responsible managing information at the Centre, including the processes through which the scientific output of the Centre is documented, published, distributed, archived and preserved. He / she provides information services and associated support to meet the Centre’s scientific and business information needs. Duties and responsibilities include the following:

1. Manage the Dept: develop and manage departmental budget, plan and review work priorities and tasks, and supervise subordinates to ensure that the functions of the Dept are effectively carried out and its objectives achieved.

2. Serve as the Centre’s Information Manager: manage information in accordance with the principles of the NATO Information Management Policy (NIMP).
a. In collaboration with the Centre’s management staff, develop and update the Centre’s Information Management Plan.
b. In close cooperation with the Security Officer and CIS Security Officer, develop and maintain security classification guidelines to assist Centre staff to classify and disseminate information in compliance with NATO guidelines.
c. Identify, manage and control proprietary information and intellectual property; directly responsible for the management of NURC’s copyright, having the authority to sign copyright agreements on behalf of the Director.
d. Provide guidance on the proper management, use, preservation and disposal of information at the Centre.
e. Collaborate with the Centre’s external customers within NATO and in the Nations to ensure efficient distribution of the Centre’s information products.
f. In collaboration with the Public Information Officer and NURC management, provide information to communities of interest in the appropriate formats.
g. Oversee the distribution of Centre publications; keep track of distribution, usage and access to the Centre’s information products, providing periodic usage reports and analysis.
h. Work with the Communications Information Systems (CIS) Department to define requirements and to implement tools and systems to enable the efficient management of information throughout its life-cycle.

3. Manage the publication of Centre documents and web content:
a. Manage and track the publication review and approval process, providing reports on the number and type of publications issued.
b. Edit scientific, technical and management reports, newsletters, pamphlets and regular reports for external audiences, the Scientific Programme of Work (SPOW) and Annual Progress Report (APR), publications of an historical nature about the Centre and relevant technologies and any other information published or archived by the Centre.
c. Maintain and develop the content for the Centre’s websites (public, internal and NATO) and intranet (also known as the MIS) in conjunction with content owners.
d. Oversee the production of graphics for use in Centre publications, electronic and print media; develop and maintain visual aids.
e. Develop and maintain standard templates for use in publications and presentations; ensure that NATO and NURC’s visual identity and branding are maintained.

4. Ensure that the Centre’s Library and technical literature are maintained, including:
a. Maintenance of the library and provision of access to technical literature for the staff.
b. Acquisition, organisation and dissemination of scientific and technical information.
5. Assist in the marketing of the Centre.

Legal authority is held: None

Budget authority is held: None
Decision authority is held: None

There are first line reporting responsibilities for the following numbers of staff: 1 x C-5; 2 x B-5; 2 x B-4; 1 x B-3

1. The incumbent may be required to perform his or her duties onboard NURC’s vessels and may be called upon to perform like duties elsewhere in the organisation.
2. Flexibility Clause: In order for the command to deal with emergent requirements, the incumbent may be required to perform other related duties as directed (in particular, the incumbent can expect to work as a member of Working Groups, Project Teams, etc. for defined periods of time). Additionally, the incumbent may also be reassigned as directed by the Deputy Director for up to 180 days (and where necessary in excess of 180 days with the agreement of the incumbent).
3. Annual TDY Requirement: The incumbent can expect to go on TDY both within and outside NATO’s boundaries.
The employee may be required to perform a similar range of duties elsewhere within the organisation at the same grade without there being any change to the contract
The work is normally performed in a typical Office environment. Normal Working Conditions apply. The risk of injury is categorised as: No Risk


1. Professional/Experience
Primary: 322I Library, information, archive - Information management
The overall management of information, as a fundamental business resource, to ensure that the information needs of the business are met. Encompasses development and promotion of the strategy and policies covering the design of information structures and taxonomies, the setting of policies for the sourcing and maintenance of the data content, the management and storage of electronic content and the analysis of information structure (including logical analysis of data and metadata). Includes overall responsibility for compliance with regulations, standards and codes of good practice relating to information and documentation records management, information assurance and data protection. [Ref: SFIA v3 2005:IRMG]
Primary Skill Level: Ensure/Advise: Takes responsibility for planning effective electronic information storage, sharing and publishing within the organisation. Maintains and communicates the organisation’s information management strategy. Devises and implements electronic document and record systems, including classification, retrieval and retention processes. Maintains an inventory of information subject to data protection legislation. Reviews new business proposals and provides specialist advice on information management, including advice on and promotion of collaborative working. Responsible for ensuring compliance with organisational policies and procedures and overall information management strategy. [Ref: SFIA v3 2005:IRMG]
a. 4-7 years of professional working experience (depending on educationa background/degree) in the administrative field.
b. Experience in and knowledge of scientific information, preferably in a comparable-sized research organization.
c. Knowledge of the application of information technology to information retrieval, publishing and archiving.
d. Excellent English with writing skill and the ability to edit scientific papers written in English by authors whose English has been acquired as a second language.
e. Education preferably with indication of scientific or technical communication interest.

2. Education/Training
University Degree in management information systems, library, computer science, information science or related discipline and 4 years post related experience, or a Higher Secondary education and completed advanced vocational training in that discipline leading to a professional qualification or professional accreditation with 5 years post related and 2 years function related experience.

3. Security Clearance

4. Language
English SLP 3333 (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing)
NOTE: The work both oral and written in this post and in this Headquarters as a whole is conducted mainly in English.

5. Standard Automatic Data Processing Knowledge

Word Processing:
Working Knowledge

Working Knowledge

Graphics Presentation:
Working Knowledge

Advanced Knowledge

eMail Clients/Web Browsers:
Working Knowledge

Web Content Management:
Advanced Knowledge

1. Professional/Experience
Specific Experience: a. Past experience of information management in an international organisation.
b. Experience with the classification and control of information.
c. Experience with the safeguard and control of intellectual property.
d. Experience with a formal quality management system.

2. Education/Training
a. Professional qualification in librarianship or information science.

3. Language


1. Personal Attributes
The incumbent has the personal qualities of tact, judgment and adaptability to work harmoniously with colleagues and other staff in a multicultural environment as well as with staff from private scientific/industrial organizations.

2. Managerial Responsibilities
Heads a unit which involves the direction, planning and coordination of related but more diverse subjects which may require external coordination.
There are first line reporting responsibilities for the following numbers of staff: 1 x C-5; 2 x B-5; 2 x B-4; 1 x B-3

3. Professional Contacts
Professional contacts at higher level both inside and outside the Centre, often requiring explanation, discussion, persuasion and approval of action to achieve good technical results.

4. Contribution to the Objectives
Supervise the editing, production, archiving, and electronic publishing of Centre documents. Serve as Centre Information Manager.

5. Work Environment
The work is normally performed in a typical Office environment. Normal Working Conditions apply. The risk of injury is categorised as: No Risk

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