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Friday, July 2, 2010

EUROJUST. Clearance & Register Officer. Open until 28 July 2010

Vacancy notice for the post of:
Clearance & Register Officer
Reference: 10/EJ/17
Temporary agent – AST 3
Applicants are invited to apply for the post of Clearance & Register Officer.
EUROJUST is a European Union body established in 2002 (Council Decision
2002/187/JHA of 28 February 2002 on the setting up of EUROJUST, amended by
Council Decision 2003/659/JHA of 18 June 2003 and by Council Decision
2009/426/JHA of 16 December 2008 on the strengthening of Eurojust) to enhance
the effectiveness of the competent authorities within Member States dealing with
serious cross-border and organised crime.
The College of EUROJUST is composed of 27 National Members, one nominated by
each EU Member State. The College elects one of the National Members to be its
President. The Administrative Director is responsible, under the supervision of the
President, for the day-to-day administration of Eurojust and staff management.
For further information, please consult our website:
The Clearance & Register Officer will directly report to the Head of the Corporate
Services Unit and will be responsible for supervising the security clearance process,
managing the classified document registry and developing and implementing related
policies and procedures.
Eurojust is undergoing an organisational structure review; depending on its outcome,
the job’s scope of accountabilities might be revised.
1. Key accountabilities
The successful applicant will be responsible for:
• Developing and implementing security clearance and classified document
management policies, procedures and guidelines;
• Ensuring the compliance of the security clearance and classified document
management process with the relevant regulation;
• Overseeing the security clearance and classified document management
• Ensuring the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the classified
document registry;
• Reporting any discrepancies related to the security clearance and classified
document management process to the Head of the Corporate Services Unit
and the Eurojust Security Committee; and
• Liaising with Eurojust post-holders with regard to security clearance and
classified document management.
2. Qualifications and experience required
a- Eligibility criteria
Candidates will be considered for the selection phase on the basis of the following
criteria to be fulfilled by the closing date for applications:
• A level of post-secondary education attested by a diploma, and after having
obtained the diploma, appropriate professional experience of at least 3 years,
• A level of secondary education attested by a diploma giving access to postsecondary
education, and after having obtained the diploma at least 6 years
of appropriate professional experience;
• Thorough knowledge of one of the languages of the Communities and a
satisfactory knowledge of another language of the Communities to the extent
necessary for the performance of his/her duties.
Furthermore, in order to be eligible, a candidate must:
• Be a national of one of the Member States of the Communities;
• Enjoy his/her full rights as a citizen;
• Have fulfilled any obligations imposed on him/her by the laws on military
• Meet the character requirements for the duties involved;
• Be physically fit to perform his/her duties.
b- Selection criteria
Candidates selected on the basis of the above eligibility criteria will then be
evaluated according to the following selection criteria:
• Experience and knowledge in the areas mentioned above under “key
• Experience in classified document registration;
• Familiarity with the relevant EU Council and Commission regulations
regarding classified information management, security clearance and
information security;
• Thorough knowledge of written and spoken English, because essential in
activities/tasks covered by the post, English being the vehicular language at
• Knowledge of Microsoft Office package;
• Excellent time management skills and ability to prioritise workloads to meet
• Excellent attention to detail and ability to work accurately and methodically;
• Ability to communicate in a clear and concise manner (verbal and written);
• Ability to act on own initiative;
• Ability to build and maintain effective and productive working relationships
with colleagues and external contacts at different levels;
• Ability to exercise tact and diplomacy in dealings with others; and
• Ability to maintain confidentiality in all areas of work.
The following characteristics are considered as additional assets:
• Experience in information security;
• Knowledge of additional EU languages; and
• Experience working within a multicultural/EU environment.
3. Selection phase
A Selection Board is nominated by the Appointing Authority. The Human Resources
Unit assists the Selection Board by checking the fulfilment of all formal requirements
and eligibility criteria. The responsibility for any decision made during this exercise
lies with the Selection Board. Failure to comply with one of the formal requirements
or eligibility criteria will result in a disqualification of the applicant concerned.
The Selection Board then makes the decision on who is to be considered an eligible
applicant for the selection process, in accordance with the requirements outlined in
the vacancy notice, and decides from among the eligible applicants those who are to
be invited to attend an interview. Candidates invited for an interview may be asked
to undergo a written test. Shortlisted candidates may be required to undergo an
assessment through an external centre.
The selection phase consists of an interview with the Selection Board, in order to
evaluate the capacities of the candidates to perform the key accountabilities
mentioned above. During the interview, special attention will be paid to the specific
knowledge required for the post and the suitability and capacity of the candidate to
adapt to a multicultural environment. The work of the Selection Board ends with the
drawing up of a list of applicants suitable and a list of applicants unsuitable to occupy
the position advertised.
Reserve list
The list of suitable applicants is submitted to the Appointing Authority, who decides
on the appointment of the successful candidate and the establishment of a reserve
list for the post advertised. Candidates should note that inclusion on the reserve list
does not guarantee recruitment.
Recruitment will be based on availability of posts and budget.
The reserve list may be used by other units or services in order to fulfil the same or
similar positions within Eurojust.
The reserve list for this post will be valid until 31 December 2011 and may be
extended at the discretion of the Appointing Authority of Eurojust.
4. Contractual conditions
The Appointing Authority will appoint the successful candidate as a member of the
temporary staff pursuant to Article 2(a) of the Conditions of employment of other
servants of the European Communities, to which he/she will be subject, for a period
of 5 years. The contract may be renewed.
Remuneration will be based on the Community scale of salaries. Pay is subject to
Community tax and other deductions laid down in the Staff Regulations.
Remuneration is, however, exempt from any national taxation.
The grade for this position is AST 3. The basic monthly salary of a temporary agent
in the first step at AST 3 level, before any deductions or allowances, is approximately
EUR 3.330.
The place of employment will be The Hague, where Eurojust has its official seat.
Prior to contract signature, the successful candidate will be requested:
- to provide Eurojust with original or certified copies of all relevant
documents proving the candidate’s eligibility criteria, including an
extract from the candidates police file; and
- to undergo a compulsory medical examination to establish that the
candidate meets the standard of physical fitness necessary to perform
the duties involved.
For any further information on contractual and working conditions, please refer to
the Staff Regulations of Officials of the European Communities and its Conditions of
employment of other servants of the European Communities, which are available on
the following web page:
Confirmation of appointment
Temporary staff are required to serve a probationary period of six months.
Essential requirement for the selected applicants: Security Clearance
Eurojust requires selected applicants to sensitive posts to undergo a security
screening procedure and obtain a positive national opinion. The level of the latter
depends on the specific classified data that post-holders deal with. For this post, the
required level of clearance is SECRET.
Applicants who currently hold a valid and positive national security screening opinion
at the above-mentioned level do not need to obtain a new one. They shall then
provide a copy of such opinion to Eurojust and specify the issuing authority, level
and date of expiry. In case the temporal validity of the opinion expires within a year,
the renewal procedure shall be initiated expeditiously.
In case selected applicants do not currently hold a valid and positive national
security screening opinion at the above-mentioned level, Eurojust will require them
to sign a pre-screening self-declaration. Eurojust will request such opinion from the
National Security Agency of the applicants’ state of nationality.
In case such agency issues a negative opinion at the above-mentioned level after the
signature of the contract of employment, Eurojust has the right to terminate the
Declaration of commitment to serve public interest independently
The successful candidate will be required to make a declaration of commitment to act
independently in the public interest and to make a declaration in relation to interests
that might be considered prejudicial to his/her independence.
The successful candidate will be required to carry out his/her duties and conduct
him/herself solely with the interests of the Communities in mind; he/she shall
neither seek nor take instruction from any government, authority, organisation or
person outside his/her institution. He/she shall carry out the duties assigned with
objectivity, impartiality and loyalty to the Communities.
Equal opportunity
EUROJUST applies a policy of equal opportunity for men and women and accepts
applications without distinction on grounds of sex, race, colour, ethnic or social
origin, genetic characteristics, and language, religious, political or other convictions
or opinions, financial situation, disability, age, sexual orientation, marital status or
family situation.
5. Submission of applications
Your application must be sent to by no
later than 28 July 2010 at midnight CET.
Please indicate the reference number on the application form, in the heading
of your e-mail and in all future correspondence relating to this application.
Candidates must use the E-application form available on the website of Eurojust and
must mention the reference number and the title of the post for which they are
applying. All the questions on the form must be answered in full. The application
form must be completed in English. Eurojust publishes multiple posts at the same
time and if the candidate wishes to apply for more than one post, he/she must
submit a separate application form for each post.
Should applicants be invited for an interview, in order for the application to be
considered complete, they must bring with them on the day of the interview
originals or certified photocopies of all the supporting documents for their
educational qualifications and employment (diplomas, certificates,
statements of employment, professional references, etc.) and photocopies
of these documents necessary to prove that they fulfil the eligibility criteria.
All documentary evidence of professional experience must indicate both start and
end dates of previous positions and the start date of the position held currently.
Eurojust has the right to disqualify applicants who fail to submit all the
required documents on the date of the interview.
Please note that any documents submitted will not be returned to the candidates.
Application forms sent by fax or by post will not be accepted, except for candidates
who have a proven disability that prevents them from applying via e-mail. These
candidates may submit by post, no later than the indicated closing date for the
submission of applications (the postmark date will serve as proof), a printed version
of the application form, and mail it indicating the reference number of the selection
procedure and title of the post to: EUROJUST, Recruitment Office, P.O. Box 16183,
2500 BD The Hague, The Netherlands.
Closing Date: Closing dates for the submission of applications are strictly adhered
to. Your application must be sent to by 28 July
2010 at midnight CET
. In the heading of the e-mail, the reference number of the
post and the title of the post for which a candidate is applying must be mentioned.
To summarise:
The application form must be fully completed in English. Applications must be sent
to no later than the indicated closing date,
mentioning the reference number and the vacancy and title of the position in the
header of the e-mail.
The Human Resources Unit will acknowledge receipt of applications. Due to the
volume of applications, only candidates selected for the interviews will be contacted
further. Candidates are invited to follow the recruitment process status on the
Eurojust website.
Please note that the Selection Board’s work and deliberations are strictly
confidential and that any contact, direct or indirect, with its members is
strictly forbidden.
All personal data collected for any selection procedure to be handled by Eurojust will
only be used for its purposes and will in no case be transmitted to any third party.
Any data provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and with high standards
of security. All documents provided to Eurojust during any selection procedure will be
kept in Eurojust’s files and will not be returned to applicants. Applicants' documents
will only be kept for as long as it is mandatory to fulfil the requirements of existing
auditing/control procedures applicable to Eurojust. The Head of the HR Unit of
Eurojust acts as controller of such data, which will be collected and further processed
in full compliance with all applicable data protection regulations and, in particular,
with the rules on the protection and processing of personal data at Eurojust (OJ C
68/1, 19.3.2005). The rights of information, access, correction, blocking and deletion
of personal data are guaranteed under these rules.
Date of publication on Eurojust website: 29.06.2010

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